Tuesdays are now Cruise-days

Hello there you awesome amazing and floatable coach.

You never know where something will take you, when a new path will appear before you.  And you don’t know what’s going to happen, but something tells you that even though there are many reasonable reasons to say “no”, there is something tugging at you to say, “YES”.

well, that’s that happened to me.  And this will either be an incredible disaster or an amazing success.


But let me give you a little quick background on this first so you know what the heck I’m talking about.

As you probably know I teach an advanced coaching class for coaches called “The fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching”, and I never get used to the excited and empowered reactions that I get from the coaches who participate.  It’s always an honor to be a part of something exciting like that.

However, a few months ago, I was completely unprepared for the reaction that one coach gave me after our course completed.

(Please bear with me as I’m paraphrasing.  the real conversation took place over several emails and phone calls).

“Wow, Ben, I loved the class so much, and it’s amazing stuff that you’re teaching,” (even though I’m paraphrasing, she did say something close to that effect), “and I think that more coaches out there should take this and experience this work.”  (Again, her suggestion.  But who am I to argue with something so right?)

I quickly agreed, and replied as I usually do that there was only so fast I can get the word out there for coaches to find the class.  And here is where it takes the unexpected turn.

She explained that she was also a travel agent and has experience in [these things of which I’ll soon reveal] and she had an idea about how I could do something really new and exciting, reach more coaches and have some great fun.

Well, who am I to turn down helping coaches doing something new and having great fun?  After all, as you know, that’s what I do best.

So the more I talked with her, the more I liked the idea.

We researched reputable companies, explored different price points, discussed what the coaching part would be, and looked at available and appropriate dates, and finally settled on our plan.

Here is it.

Please join me, March 1, 2015 for the world’s first, 


That’s right.  Leave the cold and grey of the winter and sail the southern seas.

Work on your savage tan as you discover some savage coaching.

Explore advanced coaching techniques and tools while getting away from it all.

And there’s so much more.

Of course because this is almost a year away, there’s a lot of work to do.

The cruise itself has been locked and a number of rooms have been set aside.  No I need to develop all the marketing as well as the content that I’ll be providing.

You see, about 3/4 of the coach training will be new, innovative and cutting edge stuff (never done before–ANYWHERE), while the rest will likely be modified versions of some of my already amazingly impactful experiences that will blend well.
In fact, I’ve already got some great headway on that as well, but I don’t want to give it away quite yet.

So I don’t want you to commit right now, but perhaps start the idea in your head as to if this might be something for you to enjoy down the line.

In the meantime, stay tuned, because every Tuesday will be Cruise-Day where I’ll provide such updates as…

  • Where are we going?
  • Common questions and answers
  • My own obstacles and twists and turns
  • And even some sneak peeks into these new and innovative workshops and what to expect
  • And MORE.

So stay tuned, dear coach.  Because the year is going to be some exciting and amazing new stuff.

And more information can also be found at my website.


the FPMC 100-Day e-Challenge update – Agendas

Yes, I got distracted by some other important things, but i managed to get back to this amazing program.  My trial batch of coaches are really loving this work, and they’re only about 1/3 through.  

Anyway, I just completed lesson #14 (out of 20) that focuses all on the Agendas in our coaching.

And although there is some amazing stuff we learn in the class, this is a really cool lesson that I laid out–one that will (i’m hoping) totally shift how you look at your clients and their agendas again.

And don’t worry, I know you’re getting anxious to sign up for this program.  I’m working out some of the bugs and building the web page (that’s a whole nother agenda) and plan to have this unveiled by May 1.

Until then,


The Coaching Skills Forum – “TAKING CHARGE”

Oh man what another awesome and amazing call.  I would say just about every coach on today’s CSF call got their Taking Charge muscle… well, charged.

In fact there was one coach who told me she met with a prospective client right after the call and before she knew it, she had challenged the client with, “So what would it be like to “Take Charge” of your life.”

Well, I’m sure you can imagine that prospective client wasn’t prospecting anymore.  She was hired right on the spot.

So listen to this call yourself and see how your coaching shifts and grows.

And then join us on the next exciting CSF call.  www.coachingskillsforum.com

The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching website is new and improved

I have to tell you, I’m pretty excited about how i’ve cleaned up this page.  I have gotten comments in the past about how there’s so much information it can get a little overwhelming, but I’ll also hear from coaches how they love all the information that’s there and that they really feel like they can make an empowered choice.

So please check it out and let me know what you think. I’m still in the mode of making tweaks and adjustments.


(Oh yes, and there are new dates set for the next round, new content added to the course, and even more CCEUs available.  PLUS even more exciting surprises in the weeks to come.  So stay tuned.)

Coaching is NOT your Passion

Coaching is not your Passion
I know, that’s probably a radical statement, but before you move off this page, hear me out.
You see, most of us have the misunderstanding that we’re passionate about something that we do. But it’s not that at all.
Here, let’s look at Mother Theresa as an example. We could all certainly agree that this was one passionate woman in what she did. But let’s look at it a little closer.
I don’t believe for one minute that if you asked her what her passion was, she would say, “My passion is sleeping on the hard dirt, surrounded by disease and poverty, and watching in pain and dying and being only able to help a small percentage of the greater population of suffering.”
And yet, that was her job, day to day—every day. That’s what she did.
And she did it WITH passion. That activity didn’t define her passion. It was her passion that fueled her, fed her, supported her in those actions. It was her passion that encouraged her to press on and persevere in those times of sorrow and hopelessness. It was her passion that opened her not to what she couldn’t do, but what she could do, what was possible. It was her passion that inspired others to follow her path.
That’s the power of passion.
So what was her passion?
We could guess her passion was about helping people in need. It was about spreading love and kindness to the places most devoid of it. It was about giving every ounce of her being to live true to God’s word of “love thy neighbor”. And I’m sure there was more involved.

So I go back to my earlier statement. Coaching is NOT your passion. Coaching is how your passion gets to be expressed. You get to fulfill your passion through the action of Coaching.

So now I ask you. What is your REAL passion?

Another testimonial for the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching

I am so proud to get comments like these from the coaches in my class. I am proud of this course. And I am proud of the coaches who have taken what I’ve given and put it into their coaching so beautifully.
“I have taken the ‘Fast Pass to Master Coaching’ from Ben more than once.

Each time I have learned and deepened my understanding of coaching, and I have been impressed by how masterfully Ben builds coaching competence for each group of participants in ways that are generous, generative and that foster rich understanding.

Ben communicates powerful ideas about coaching and engages each participant in ways that create deep understanding for the particular individual, and for the group. There is no carbon copy learning here! The curriculum that Ben has developed, and the way that he teaches it, is an incredible example of building knowledge and enhancing creativity in conversation, and meaningful dialogue that is founded on solid twenty first century learning principles for each coach participant.

Ben is a gifted teacher and coach who offers consummate expertise and value in each of his courses!”
– Michelle Bastock
PhD – Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Thank you, Michelle.