When I lead the FPMC coaches through this simple, yet effective exercise, there’s always that little voice in the back of my head that says, “You’re crazy.  This isn’t as powerful as you say it is.  Besides, everyone does something like this.  The “adjustments” that you bring to it can’t possibly make a difference and grow coaches.”

And then I get an email like this:

Hi Ben. I wanted to thank you for the MasterFull Coaching Course.  I already feel so much more powerful and masterful with my coaching.  The Sprint Coaching you had us do has been the most life changing for me for several reasons. 

1)  This is now my offer.  A free, short, no obligation, coaching call.  So my marketing has vastly improved.

2)  I have so many people who now take me up on the 15 minute coaching that my business is thriving successfully toward my end goal this year of 20-25 clients a month.

3)  I played around with the use of 15 minutes elsewhere and am working toward another idea to use this. 

4)  My coaching skills really became much more powerful and amazing when I knew/know I can handle anything thrown at me as a coach.

I highly recommend this course to all coaches who don’t want to wait to become more masterful in their coaching.  Of course, the CCEU’s are awesome benefit toward my next credential.


Terri O’Donnell, ACC, CPCC

Yellow Brick Road Coaching

You’re so welcome, Terri.  And thank you for taking what I have to share and working it into your coaching so beautifully.  As I said in class, “The world can’t wait for us to figure it out.  We need to step into our Coaching Mastery NOW.”  So on behalf of your clients (present and to come) I thank you for stepping FULLY into your own power.

And now to all you coaches reading this.  It’s your turn.  Are you tired of waiting?  Aren’t you ready to step into your MasterFull Coaching?

It’s not too late to join in this new 9:00 am Central series that began last Wednesday.  Simply email me at and I’ll send you a recording of the first call so you can catch up.

I’ll see you there.

Your coaching will never be the same!


What an exciting call about AGENDAS.  Don’t let this topic fool you.  I know you think you know about AGENDAS in your coaching, but I’ll bet you’ll discover something in this recording that you DIDN’T know and can incorporate into your coaching right away.

So enjoy this call.  It’s my gift to you to help you discover, learn and grow your coaching in exciting ways.

And you can always access TONs more recordings at

Sunday’s TESTIMONIAL – My Top 7!


I love receiving emails like this.  If you ever wanted to know what coaches get from this course in a simple list, here it is.  And I am proud of every single one of these on her list.  In fact, this is what I strive for all the coaches in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching to receive.


 “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ben Dooley’s FPMC program!  Here are my top seven reasons:

  1. Ben Dooley made me LOL every single week!  He’s an engaged and supportive guiding spirit!
  2. I met talented coaches and we shared techniques which made us all stronger. 
  3. I reviewed skills that I learned in coaching school but learned how to apply them new ways.
  4. I learned new, more creative techniques which enhanced the quality and outcomes in my sessions with clients.
  5. I learned how to tame tigers.  (you’ll have to take the class to get your own lasso!)
  6. I am a more confident coach.
  7. I gained all the core credits required to maintain my ICF credential.

– KJ, Atlanta, GA

Now it’s your turn.

Visit to read more about this course so you can lock yourself in and begin building your own “Top 7 list.”

Another glaring CSF oversight!!!

This is astounding.  The second time in a row I had a coach looking for clarity around a coaching skill they are being trained in, and when I went to send them a link to an archived CSF call, I discover that there ISN’T ONE that exists!!!  

That’s right, we haven’t had a CSF coversation on another skill. Which is surprising because this one is such a foundational part of our coaching.  Without it, our coaching isn’t nearly as impractful and powerful of an experience.  In fact, (although I’m sure one would argue it’s possible) it seems as though without it, coaching doesn’t really exist.  So of course I added it to our list and eagerly await what will surly be a delicious and fantastic conversation.

However, because we’re going through the whole load of over 60 topics alphadetically, and we’re just now starting over with all the “A” skills, and this one begins with a W it’s gonna take some time to get around to it–like about 2 1/2 years.  However, you are invited to come and enjoy all the wonderful, exciting, engaging, powerful conversations on over 60 other coaching skills.  Discover levels and layers to your coaching that you can carry with you throughout your WHOLE LIFE.

visit for more info to these incredible free calls and information as to how you can get as many CCEUs as you wish.

A TRAGIC Coaching Skills Forum oversight

This is tremendously embarrassing. I’ve been doing the Coaching skills Forum calls for 8 years now, over 200 calls, cycling through the ever expanding list of coaching skills, components, aspects and core foundational elements, and it just struck me that there is a critical absence.
In fact, an amazing 2 hour conversation was sparked with a new coach in Certification who was having a challenge fully understanding it and its application to coaching.
I was about to send him a past CSF recording when–to my horror of horrors–I discovered that there wasn’t one. We have never explored this topic.
Quickly I went to my list of topics to confirm this tragic omission. Sure enough, it was NEVER ON THE LIST!!!!
So I rapidly added it to the list (in it’s proper alphabetical location) and then immediately adjusted the schedule on my calendar to accommodate for this new topic. And I can’t wait until December to dig into it with you.

Want to know what it is? Well, I’ve got to get you to visit the calendar listing somehow.
And hopefully you’ll be sparked to jump in on some of the calls before then (as they are all amazing).

I’ll see you all there.


Oh wow, what an exciting FPMC call today.
The coaches in today’s Fast Pass class got to experience a BRAND NEW lesson. It’s called “MY BAG”, and while I can’t give all the details, I can tell you what it stands for:
Mastering Your Big Agenda Game, and the impact was even bigger than I anticipated (remember this is a brand new lesson, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect).

“This breaks it all down and brings it all home”, one coach said.
“It’s amazing how powerful this is,” said another.
Everyone was amazed.
I, myself, was even blown away with the learning, discovery, empowerment and deep awareness this simple, yet powerful, exercise created.  In fact, we expanded

(And remember, you can only get MY BAG in the Fast Pass)

This particular class is coming to the end of the series, and each of the coaches have discovered incredible power and depth to their skills, and they’ve watched their Coaching Confidence expand and grow, and they now have an instant and reliable access to their amazing and MasterFull coaching.

There truly is nothing like it out there.

I want that for you, too.
The next found begins Wednesday July 16 and you have two times to choose from–either 9:00 am or 5:00 pm (central time)
visit The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching Page for more details and to lock your spot.


Come and join the Fast Pass First Call Free Preview as my guest.
That’s right. Just send me a quick email to and I’ll give you the number to call. (no obligation and powerful learning right off the bat.)
Of course, you won’t get to discover MY BAG, but you will discover YOUR MASTERFULL COACHING.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time for you to jump into the Fast Pass
Your Coaching Will Never Be the Same!

Coaching Skills Forum -The art of ACKNOWLEDGMENT

Holy Full Acceptance! I love these calls.
I can honestly say that after 11 years of coaching I thought my skill of ACKNOWLEDGMENT was pretty danged good. But after today’s call, thanks to all the amazing and insightful coaches joining the CSF today, I can’t wait until my next coaching session. My client is gonna get some solid ACKNOWLEDGMENT.
Not only that, but I tossed out a supreme challenge to all the coaches at the end of the call. And that includes you.
Are you up for it?
It’s easy, all you got to do it listen to the recording–enjoy, learn and grow–and then take on the challenge and see how it transforms and explodes your coaching (and your life).

Or follow this link “CSF-The Art of ACKNOWLEDGMENT”
(And if you want to receive a CCEU credit for this call visit

Tuesday CRUISEday:

FINALLY the time has come when I can give some attention to this exciting program.
ALL NEW content. If you’re a fan of the Coaching Skills Forum or the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching then you’re gonna love this.

We’re focusing on the 5th powerful principle of coaching.

Yes, yes, I know, I know. You’re very familiar with the world of BALANCE, aren’t you?
You know about work/life balance
You know about balance of time and energy.
Of course you know about the balance of coach/client
You probably even know about left brain/right brain balance.
You might even be familiar with masculine/feminine balance

Or do you?
In fact, there’s so many more ways that BALANCE impacts and is a part of our MasterFull Coaching.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Listen to this amazing recording that we had on the topic of BALANCE (this is just the beginning to wet your whistle. Imagine 16 hours of interactive and engaging workshop time, 16 CCEUs–all while having fun in the sun) and then go sign up for the 7-day BeDo Coaching Cruise beginning March 1, 2015.
Your coaching will never be the same.