CSF- Asking Permission followup

What a fantastic CSF call on “Asking Permission.” and while writing the replies to send with the CCEUs (yes, there are credits for these calls), I got to thinking about the actual wording and started playing around.

It’s the “Permission” part that got me curious.  We can break it down thus way.

“PER”, meaning “for each” or “for every”

and MISSION as in “an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation”.

In other words, when we ASK PERMISSION, we are really taking action “for each and every important goal or purpose”.

How about that?

Thoughts?  Commments?

Listen to the recording here 


and then add to this conversation.  I’d love to hear what you come up with.  (Don’t worry, permission to share is already given.)

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Thursday’s Testimonial

What is the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching all about?  What will your experience be like and what will you get out of it?

Well, let Janet tell you in her own words.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Fast Pass to Mastery class series. Ben’s teaching style is both playful and engaging. The breadth and depth of the subjects covered is superb. I came away fully refreshed with renewed levels of confidence and enthusiasm for my coaching. Thank you Ben!” – Janet Valette

You’re so welcome, Janet.  And thank you for sharing your experience.  It’s one thing for me to say, “This course is packed like no other and will transform your coaching in exciting ways,” but when someone else says, “It’s suburb.  I came away fully refreshed with renewed levels of confidence and enthusiasm for my coaching,” well, that speaks volumes.

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This is your final chance to join the FPMC in time to renew.

That’s right, the Fall 2014 FPMC 4 month course is timed to complete at the end of the year so you will have 34 CCEUs in time to renew your credentials.

But then again, that’s kind of the frosting that you’ll get from this work.

 “As the time for ICF renewal approached I dreaded having to pay thousands of dollars for a mentor coach and CCEUs. I’d even become a bit cynical about the whole renewal process and questioned whether it was worth it. Luckily I’d met Ben during some of his ICF Virtual Education classes and was on his mailing list. When I got the email about his “Fast Pass to Master Coaching” Teleclass I was amazed. Wow! A fair price that included CCEUs and mentor coaching hours. Sold! Did I get a “good deal”? Sure. But what I appreciate now isn’t that I saved money…it’s what I’ve learned. Ben taught me tools I hadn’t even known existed. He opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a masterful coach and taught me how to get there. I feel privileged to have been his student. If you’re ready to up your coaching game and have a lot of fun I highly recommend Ben’s, “Fast Pass to Master Coaching” Teleclass.” – Dee Kite, PhD, ACC

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What are you waiting for?
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CSF- ARTICULATING WHAT’S GOING ON. (the ART of articulating)

Again, I’m blown away with the deep wisdom of the coaches on these calls.  So many levels and nuances of this skill that aren’t quite so obvious, but very necessary.

Just like what we discovered: that often in coaching we’re just skimming the surface with our clients.  We need to “Articulate What’s Going On” to address and reveal what’s underneath and beyond the surface.  And that’s exactly what we did on this call with this skill.

Check it out.


And don’t forget to visit www.coachingskillsforum.com for the next exciting call.

The Coaching R.A.C.E. is evolving.

Here’s the scoop.  After teaching the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching for something like 6 years, and doing this work with coaches for even longer, I thought i had all worked out.

I had identified the four powerful principles to MasterFull Coaching pretty clearly, recognizing that when these four are present in our coaching, it’s easy, powerful, deep, and fully supporting our coaching confidence, power and success.

And to remember it easily, I came up with the clever acronym of the Coaching R.A.C.E., standing for Recovery, Awareness, Commitments, and Energy.  (These words on their own may not land deeply, but trust me, in the class it all makes perfect sense and is the platform for amazing coaching.)

These are (and I truly believe this) what the difference is between regular good coaching, and amazing MasterFull coaching.

Or so i thought.

Turns out there was one more to be discovered.  Or rather, I had been working with it for some time, had recognized it in my own coaching (when it was MasterFull) and could identify it in other coaching that I was witnessing, but I hadn’t clearly articulated and gave it the proper position in the MasterFull principles.

Until now.

So now, the Coaching R.A.C.E. has crossed the finish line, but in its place is the even more amazing and solid and reliable foundation of the Coaching B.R.A.C.E.

What does the “B” stand for?

Well, you’ll have to check out www.mastermycoaching.com to find out. 

Even better, visit my new FPMC free audio page and have a listen yourself to a 20 minute audio exploring this new topic and how it impacts, incorporates, improves and explodes our coaching.  (And while you’re there, you can listen to the free audio recordings of the other Princples)

Then go and sign up for the next FPMC class so you can lock in those 34 CCEUs and get the full experience of the new and improved Coaching B.R.A.C.E.

The Fast Pass Free audios are here

I’ve finally been able to take a little time to tweak some of my web pages, and one of them is creating a page to hold some of the free audio recordings that I’ve done.

This particular one cover various topics that are explored in much more depth in the Full Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class, but make no mistake, these are packed with value on their own.

So go and visit the “FPMC Free Audios” section of my website to access these 10 new recordings.  Some are 10 minutes long, while others are a full 20 minutes.

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Going down the scale

the other day I tried something new.  It was in the UN-DEMO section of the FPMC class where I coach someone in the class to illustrate and deepen the learning.

We got to the point where I asked her to rate herself on a scale from 1 to 10 (for obvious reasons I can’t reveal the topic of the scale) and she gave herself an an “8”, which I’ll admit isn’t bad at all.  “8” is in fact pretty good.  Many of us would kill to feel an “8”.

Of course, the next step in the process is to have the client look a little higher on the scale, in this case, consider what an 8.5 or a 9 would look like.  Start stirring up the pot, brainstorming, getting energy and motivation to move towards that exciting experience that awaits.  You know, “What is the one thing you could do to move closer towards that “9”?”

But suddenly I got this impulse.  And I’ve done this long enough to trust it and be curious as to what we discover.

So instead of going up the scale, I asked my client to look at what it would be like to have her passion down at a “7”, to which she quickly corrected, “No, actually I can even look at it being a “6”.”

She started to paint that picture, basically of how she would be “less”.

I was getting worried that I was not only doing an UN-DEMO, but I was doing UN-Coaching by talking my client away from where she wanted to go.  But I trusted the impulse, trusted the coaching, and (most importantly) trusted the client and continued further.  “So what might a “4” be like?  How would you think and feel differently?”

Even deeper she explored, recognizing that she would be even less focused on her goals, direction, passion and purpose.

Again, getting a little nervous, but trusting, we were coming to the end of our call, so I asked what she was getting out of this exercise.

Let me tell you, she discovered some amazing things for herself.  things that we likely would not have uncovered had we gone UP the scale.

So the next time you’re heading toward a formula or process, and you know how it’s supposed to go… perhaps try going the other way and see what happens?  I can’t guarantee the results will be the same, but the thing that made the difference I believe was that there was the solid cornerstone of trust.

Trust in the coaching.  Trust in my intuition.  Trust in the client.  And Trust that whatever came up, it was a place to explore, learn and grow from.

I can’t wait for the next FPMC class to see what new things of MasterFull coaching we discover then.

Anyway, thought I’d share this coaching experience with you.


Please share your thoughts and comments, I’d love to hear what your responses to this are and how we can all stretch and learn and grow.

the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge #5 is complete

“Wait a minute.  I recall you announcing that you had completed something like lesson #16 or #17 of this thing.  Why are you now doing #5?”

It’s a reasonable question, I’m sure.  Actually, to clarify, I had already completed the first #17 of the 20 powerful and value packed lessons and then something changed.

All this time I had been teaching in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class the powerful structure of the Coaching R.A.C.–illustrating the four principles for powerful and MasterFull coaching.  

In the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge, there is a lesson provided that explores and digs into each of those individual Principles.

But then it happened.  I realized that there was something missing, a new Principle that I had been doing and teaching and witnessing but hadn’t identified and labeled (thus not intentionally incorporating it into the coursework).

So I had to go back and write a whole new lesson (this one peaking over #12 pages long) focusing on this new Principle.

Which means that the old #5 became the new #6, and everything else slid on down the line.

So now I’m closer to completion.  However, the doors are open for YOU to join in the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge today and get started.  (Besides, that’s how you’ll discover what the new #5 is all about.)

Every 5 days a new lesson will appear in your email for you to read, fill out, explore and watch your coaching and confidence grow in exciting ways.