CSF- Creative, Resourceful and Whole

What perfect timing to explore this part of our coaching at the end of the year.  I can’t think of anything more fitting.  And the conversation just keeps getting better and richer and more exciting all the time.

Go ahead, listen to this one hour exploration of our coaching skill “CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL and WHOLE” and how it shows up in our coaching, how we can use it powerfully and so much more.

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You’ll get something that you can take and use that will start making a difference and impact immediately.

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Get the gift of MCC Coaching

That stands for Making Charitable Contributions.

Let me clarify, It’s the end of the year when we look to making those final charitable donations for tax purposes and to give one last bit of good to those who we care and support.

And I want to give to the givers and help the helpers so I have created a special way of saying “thank you” for reaching out and helping others.


Here’s the deal.  Before the end of the year, if you make a donation to a charity of your choice (or any I have on my website), I’ll give you complementary coaching—minutes to dollars.

In other words, for every dollar you donate, you get that many minutes of coaching.
Visit http://bedo.org/give-and-recieve for all the details.


But hurry, because this offer is only good until the end of 2014 (and you have all of January to redeem your time).


Together we can raise $2015 to help others before 2015


-ben dooley, MCC

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I want to help you connect to that coach and unleash your coaching power and confidence to create your coaching success! “

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It’s time to Give and Receive

Some say it’s better to give than to receive while others say it’s better to receive than to give.  But as coaches, we know that it’s best to give AND receive.  And when both happen together, magical things happen.

Such is the case.  I want to encourage you to give so that you can receive.

Let me clarify.  Between now and December 31 you can make a donation to any charity.

Just send me a copy of the receipt and I will give you the same minutes as dollars in coaching.

That’s right.  You read correctly.  I am offering you complimentary coaching- as appreciation for helping others.

There are a couple of rules and details to follow.

A) It must be a new donation dated that was made between today and December 31.  That means earlier donations were clearly not made in partnership with this offer and, although appreciated, will not count.

B) This offer expires at midnight on December 31.  Once we hit January 2015, no more donations will be accepted.  (This is to encourage you to get into action.  You know, like a coach would, right?)

C) Once I receive the receipt I will send you a link to schedule your call.  Although we may block off a larger time due to the mechanics of the scheduler, I will be keeping track of our time and we will end at the appropriate time.  You will only get coaching for the amount of time equal to the amount of dollars you have donated. 

$15 = 15 minutes of coaching

$50 = 50 minutes.

D) if you have donated more than $50 you can break up your time into multiple sessions.  (No sense in having a giant 3 hour session.)

E) The MINIMUM amount accepted is $15 for 15 minutes of coaching.

F) The MAXIMUM amount accepted is… $240  (Well, actually, you could donate more–that’s your option–but I can only honor a total of 4- 60-minute sessions)

G) All charity coaching must be completed in the month of January.  

H) It doesn’t have to be only one charity.  You can do multiple donations to several organizations and then add them all together.  (So you could do something like a $5 donation to six different groups, which total a complementary 30-minute session.)

I) You can contribute to any organization that you want and support any cause you believe in, or you can always choose one of these below.

Project Linus

ICF Foundation

American Lung Association

Toys for tots

Big Brothers/Big sisters of America

Midwest BREW

American Red Cross


Reading is Fundemental


J) Do not send me the money to make the donation for you.  I want you to get the tax benefit.  And I want no question as to where the money has gone.   This is truly my gift to you as you give to others.  Think of it like “paying it forward… but in reverse… or something like that.”

Besides this is truly my gift to you as you give to others.  I don’t want to get anything out of it except the honor and pleasure of working with you for a little bit.  Think of it like paying it forward… but in reverse… or upside down… or something like that.

K) Ok?  Then go to it so you can help people and I can then have the honor of thanking you on their behalf with some coaching.

L) If this gets an overwhelming response, I may have to limit my number of calls and complimentary sessions I can offer.  So the sooner in, the better your chances.

Together let’s raise $2015 dollars before 2015

Read more at bedo.org

-ben dooley, MCC

The Coaches Confidence Coach

How to Triumph

I will partially credit my client who was quoting Brian Tracy (so he gets partial credit as well).

He was saying in one of his programs something to the effect that when you fail, you have to keep trying.  And it’s the ones who keep trying that will eventually triumph.

I got his clever play on the words, but then realized how you could take it just a little further and have it actually work even better.

You see, just trying and trying again and again doesn’t always do it.

However, if you discover how to put that little extra effort, the extra push of energy, that… how shall we say… “oomph” or “umph” into your actions… (here is comes)

The more you TRY with OOMPH, then you will definitley TRI-UMPH!

Get it?

Now go get it.


Thinking inside the box

Christmas time is coming around and I’m seeing all these boxes.

Boxes in the mail, boxes in the stores, boxes in my home, boxes, boxes, boxes. And I realize

And I realized that all the boxes look the same–especially when they’re wrapped up with pretty paper and a bow.  We don’t know what’s in the box.  It’s just a box, with something inside.  And that something could be anything.

Look at a child (or some adults for that matter) as they examine a Christmas (or birthday) present.  What’s in the box?  It could be a book.

It could be a book.  If that’s the case, what kind of book?  A cookbook?  (Like “The Joy of Potato Salad”.)  A landscape picture book?  A biography?  An instruction manual for your new computer?

Or maybe there’s that new laptop computer inside the box, or a DVD box set, or a bowling ball.

It could be a photo album, a new phone, a puppy, bath salts, 18-year-old Scotch or rare flower bulbs.

Or it could be something small, like a pin, a jar of pickles, a diamond ring or a gift card to a restaurant or the keys to a car.

It could be vitamins, condoms, shaving cream, cereal, a stack of post-it notes, stamps, or even just a card that says, “I love you.”

Maybe even a jar of toenail clippings, a bag of banana peels and apple cores or someone’s leftover laundry that accidentally got boxed and wrapped.

The possibilities are endless.  And you won’t know what it actually will be until the day comes when you open your gift.


So the next time someone tells you to “look oustide the box” perhaps you might actually take a look inside the box first.  You just might discover a wonderful gift is waiting for you.


The right and easy path?

Talking with a client who was revealing how she had made a strong choice to end a relationship.  It had some good points that made it easy to keep around, but she realized that it wasn’t what she ultimately was wanting.

I acknowledged that often there is the easy path, and then there’s the right path.  And the right path isn’t always the easy path.

She said, “Yeah, but when does the right path get to be easy?”

Now, instead of sharing how I replied and the direction we took, I thought I’d toss it out as a starting point for a conversation and see how you might have handled it.

So gang, what might your response have been?