How to succeed in failing in three easy steps

How to succeed in failing in 3 easy steps

  1. When you fall down and make a mistake or lose your momentum, don’t get back up and keep going.  Stay down and give up.  It’s even better if you think you’re the only one who blows it.
  2. Don’t look at what caused the problem.  You’re much better off just continuing on as though nothing has happened.  There’s nothing to learn from your error.
  3. Keep doing the same thing and be sure to be surprised when it happens again.  After all, the same roadblocks toward your goals have happened a hundred times already.  What are the chances it’ll happen again?

If you follow these three easy steps, in no time you will succeed in failing every time.

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New words added to the FPMC MasterFull coaching list

  • Rock Your World
  • Eccentric
  • Laughing Out Loud
  • Dangerous
  • Take no Prisoners
  • Game Changing
  • You sure you want a piece of this?


What are these words all about?  Well, if you were part of the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class, you would recognize that we use these words (and many others) to help identify that MasterFull coach that lies within.

So do any of these words resonate with you?
Perhaps even sometimes?

And if not these, what other words would fit?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to BE these words all the time, just some of the time.  They’re a part of you that you get to access whenever you choose.  And in the Fast Pass class we explore and discover powerful ways to connect to these awesome parts of you and bring them out Fully in your coaching.

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A Coaching Skills Forum testimonial

“I love your calls and the powerful questioning style you use rather than the lecture mode that other coach trainers often use. The richness of your wisdom and knowledge comes through in each call and your inclusive style allows the same wealth to flow in from the participants on the calls. A win-win for all!” – Teri Haggerty, PCC


I love hearing how these calls impact other coaches.  They’re continually amazing, impressive, powerful and rich with great learning and insight.

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