Your BEing word – POSITIVE

I thought I’d share this with you and encourage you to contribute your own thoughts.

In my Bits newsletter, I have a section that offers a “BEing” word for the day.  This time around the word was “POSITIVE”.

As I thought about it and wrote a little to encourage the reader to get moving on it, I realized that often we connect this with “positive thoughts” or “positive emotions” and even more often with “positive actions.”

And while I have my own insights on this (which I teach to other coaches), I got curious as to what other coaches out there thought about this–especially when the actual topic is about “BEING POSITIVE.”

So coach, please help us all to explore this topic further.  Share your own thoughts and insights about what “BEING POSITIVE” means to you.

What happened on the last Fast Pass? (Your Body and Brain: Friend or Foe)

It’s only call #2 and we uncovered some powerful qualities and characteristics that we posess that naturally and automatically support our coaching.

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

But also, they can block our coaching.

“Wait.  What?  They do both?”

You bet.

“Ok.  So do you mean these are things that we have?  Or our clients do?”


I’m sorry I can’t give you any more information than that.

“Oh, come on.  Please.  Just a little tidbit so I know what you’re talking about?”

Well, all right.  For example, (and anyone who has worked with me has probably heard this.

We are creatures of habit, and we are creatures of comfort.  And we are definitely creatures of habit that keep us in comfort.

I hope you can see how this shows up in our clients as well as in ourselves in our coaching.

Of course, that’s only a small part of this particular lesson (about 1/6 perhaps).  We also explore the Amazing ATEBAR formula that explains clearly  how and why coaching works.  Not only that, but when your coaching is not working, why it’s not working and what to do.  With this formula, your coaching opens up to unlimited possibility and potential… with EVERY CLIENT.

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A wonderful testimonial

I am so honored to share this with you all.

Last week, I had the tremendous honor and privilege of presenting a fun and powerful 6-hour Advanced Coaching workshop to the ICF-Gulf Coast chapter.

Here was their response.

“Ben truly exceeded our expectations!

As the Program Chair for the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter, we asked Ben to facilitate our six hour annual workshop on the core competencies of coaching. His customized framework, a masterpiece called The Elements of our Coaching, easily allowed all the attendees to learn how to use the ICF core competencies in a practice way. Many attendees commented they were no longer intimidated by the competencies, they now knew their coaching strengths, and how to build “coaching muscle” in areas they felt less confident using before attending the workshop. Ben’s 16 elements model really allowed each of us to learn more deeply and connect with our natural strengths.

Ben is “edutainment” at its best. He is knowledgeable as an educator and captivating as an entertainer. You will love his content and his delivery! Many thumbs up for the inspiring work Ben did for our Chapter.”

– Craig S. Juengling, PCC
ICF Gulf Coast Chapter Program Chair

Thank you, Craig and the Gulf Coast chapter.

You are all amazing and remarkable coaches in an equally amazing and remarkable chapter.

(And if you want to know more about this awesome workshop, you can check it out at the ICF-Midwest coaching conference in June.

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What is MasterFull Coaching? (come and find out as my guest)

What is MasterFull Coaching?

After witnessing plenty of amazing coaches in action, it seems that one of the things that makes a powerful difference in our coaching is…


Confidence is defined as “Having trust in a person or thing, a belief in one’s abilities.”  And when our confidence is low, then our trust is low.    Trust in our coaching.  Trust in our client.  Trust in the relationship.  Trust in our skills.  Trust in our experience.  Trust in what’s possible.  Trust in ourselves.

And what do you think happens to our coaching when our confidence is low?  What about our marketing?  How about our creativity and passion and purpose?  You guessed it: all low.

On the other hand, when our confidence is high, that means our TRUST is high.  And when we have full trust, that becomes our empowered beliefs.  And those Beliefs support powerful actions.  And it’s those new and powerful actions, born of TRUST and CONFIDENCE that create exciting Results.

Results in your coaching, results in your marketing, results in your creativity, results in your clients.

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