Not enough time?

This ends up being a phrase that we utter often.  Plenty of times I hear myself saying “I don’t have the time to…” to clarify and explain why things aren’t getting done.   From my laungry to my bookkeeping to anything else that continually has to take a back seat to my crazy and super-packed life.  I’m sure you have your own list of undone things.

But strangely enough, I DO have time to watch tv, and go out and sit on my back deck with my wife, and have dinner with friends and even sit down and pop out this little post.

So what is it?  Not enough time?  Or plenty of time.

Actually, it’s both.

And perhaps that’s not even a good way to accurate describe what’s happening.

Of course, we have a finite amount of time and energy in our day.  And every moment is being filled by what we’re doing.  Sleeping, working, talking, sitting around, driving to and from, eating, and everything else.

We are all using all of our time already.  And we always have no more and no less time… every single day. (Yes, i know, except for daylight savings… but that’s a different post)

So instead, consider that the real question is what is important and worth your time?  What is your priortization process that determines what you are actually spending you time on.

Now consider just how much of your time you’re CHOOSING to use on what, and how much time is being used automatically and unconsciously.

This is not to say that TV time and sitting on the back deck or playing solitare or browsing the web and all those other “time-wasters” are.  That would be just as incorrect in asserting that “all business work and development” is good.  There is a time for everything.  A time to work and a time to rest.  The only difference is that YOU get to choose what your time is for.

And when you CHOOSE, then it’s always the right choice.


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