So considering today is leap day, and everyone’s posting about “do something you’ve never done before”, in a sense, “take a leap.”
But let’s look at this more closely.
What’s better, “look before you leap” or “leap like the fool”?
One the one hand, when we leap blindly, we can find ourselves in unfortunate and undesired situations.  On the other hand, when we look too much, we can talk ourselves out of taking any action.  Sometimes we just need to leap first, and ask questions later.  For those who study the tarot, the first card in the deck is the Fool card, who leaps without looking.  And while that can sometimes be bad, it also opens up new experiences and opportunity that we otherwise might have missed.
Speaking of which… There’s that phrase, “leap a the chance” or “opportunity”?  How many times does an opportunity present itself, and yet we miss it, or worse, dismiss or ignore it.  
And what about “leaps and bounds”? Do we do nothing for the bounds? (If there a “bounds” day anyway?)
Do we leap up, leap down, leap in or leap out?
Is it a leap for joy, a leap of faith, or is it a quantum leap?
There are so many different ways to leap, so many different reasons to leap, so many different leaps we can take, they just can’t all fit in one day.
So how about this?  Perhaps let’s use today as a “leaping off point”, to help us get started leaping all the other days in our lives.

Our last Coaching Skills Forum call – MAKING DISCTINCTIONS

In case you missed it, our last call on “MAKING DISTINCTIONS” was absolutely amazing.

The first half of the call was a little slow, feeling like we were really just on the surface, and just touching into it lightly, and then about halfway through, something was said that totally grabbed every coach on the call and we all went, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” (interpret that as a sound of discovery, or of wonder and amazement, or of complete stunned awe.  It was all three.)  From that point on, the call just got richer and deeper and better.

Don’t believe me?  Check it out here.

And be sure to mark you calendar for our next exciting CSF call, METAPHOR.

Yes, I’m sure you know all about this skill in coaching.  But you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know you didn’t know.  Come to the call and find out what that is.  Wednesday, February

www.coachingskillsforum.com at 2:00 Central/3:00 Eastern.

Just call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336# and be ready to enjoy, learn and grow in exciting ways.


What happened on the last Fast Pass? (Creating Coaching Connection: part 1)

What happened on the last Fast Pass? (Creating Coaching Connection: part 1)

All right coach.  Be honest this time.

Have you ever lost connection with your client?  You know, like suddenly you have no idea what they’re talking about or that you seem to be having two different conversations or the energy suddenly drops or your mind goes elsewhere and you start thinking about something else or the coaching suddenly becomes hard or your client seems to be distracted or suddenly there’s a story hijacking the coaching or an email pops up or the other phone rings or something happens outside or you forget what you were going to say or your client zigs when you zag or you’re suddenly bored with your client and the conversation or you start trying to fix or solve the problem or…

Well, you get the point.

Anyway, have you experienced anything like that?  Raise your hand.  (If you are currently not raising your hand you’re either lying or not paying attention.)

I can promise you that EVERY SINGLE COACH (yes, including you, and including every awesome and amazing coach that you know or have heard of) has experienced this.  It’s a part of coaching and it happens all the time—more often than you probably even know.  In fact, it’s a guarantee that you will become distracted and disconnected from your client and the coaching at some point on your next coaching call.  It might be big or it might be small and barely noticeable, but I guarantee it’ll happen.

So instead of trying to avoid and prevent the unavoidable, perhaps it’s more important to discover how to handle it when it happens.  And handle it powerfully.

Anyway, that’s what the coaches on this last FPMC call discovered.

  • The powerful 3-step process to creating unbelievable coaching connection.
  • The single reason why our coaching calls fail
  • Two of the three deadly and dangerous coaching myths
  • 5 simple, yet powerful, techniques for creating deep and instant coaching connection.

Because if there’s no connection, then coaching can not exist.

All this and more is part of the incredible Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching teleclass.
This unique and unparalleled 16-week course that shifts good coaches–really good coaches—into awesome, confident and powerful coaches.

40 CCEUs (or 33 CCEUs and 7 Mentor coaching hours) are available.

The next round begins Wednesday, March 16 and runs for 4 super-packed advanced coaching months.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information.  (And email me at ben@bedo.org) to see how you can jump in on the First call as my guest for a Free Preview of the course.  My gift to you.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time for you to jump into the really, really, really fast past
Your Coaching will never be the same!

Arizona Coaches- The ELEMENTS of Our Coaching Workshop is coming to your chapter

I have the wonderful honor of coming to present my workshop “The ELEMENTS of Our Coaching” to your chapter.
This exciting, interactive, cutting edge workshop explores the artistry and performance of MasterFull Coaching that is ideal for ALL coaches.
New Coaches will totally get this solid foundation of our coaching as they are discovering this exciting world and their skills.
Intermediate coaches will thrive on the deepening of their power and expanding of their impact.
Advanced coaches will totally dig this whole new approach to their coaching–reminding them of their vast and rich toolbox.

Tuesday, February 9 at the ICF-Southern Arizona Chapter http://www.icfsaz.com/

And Wednesday February 10 at the ICF-Phoenix chapter. http://www.icfphoenix.com/

Discover how to truly become an ATOMIC coach.
Plus, plenty of giveaways and bonus things to all who attend.

for more on the actual workshop, visit http://bedo.org/workshops/the-elements-of-our-coaching

I’ll see you there.

2 times the listening pleasure. (a rare occasion)

I don’t think this has ever happened before.

For those who know, I host two separate series of coach growing calls:

The ICF Core Competency Calls–hosted and partnered with the ICF Chicago chapter, where we focus our conversation on our Core Competencies once a month.  www.icf-chicago.org

And the Coaching Skills Forum–which meets twice a month which I’ve been doing for 10 years now and we focus on more specific areas of our coaching.  www.coachingskillsforum.com

And FOR THE FIRST TIME these two series actually intersected in topic.

Our January 6 Core Comp call focused on ACTIVE LISTENING.

And our January 24 Coaching Skills Forum call was all about LISTENING as well.  But an entire different conversation.

So LISTEN to both of them.  And then visit the respective sites to get any CCEUs you might need (for a small fee)
Listen to more awesome recordings on LISTENING that we’ve done in the past years.
Mark your calendar for the next exciting call so you can join in the fun.

ICF-Core Comp Calls – Wednesday, February 3 at 2:00 Central/ 3:00 Eastern.  Call (218) 862 3486 PIN: 6969#

The Coaching Skills Forum – Tuesday, February 9 at 10:00 am Central/11:00 Eastern.  Call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336#

Either way, come and join the calls.

Your coaching will never be the same.