Our last CSF call- PLANNING (and our next one: POWERFUL QUESTIONS)

The last CSF call was (as they all seem to be) quite exiting and awesome.  We explored new territory on an old and well known skill of PLANNING.

In fact, here’s the link so you can check it out yourself.  I bet you’ll discover something you either didn’t know before, or forgot, that you can incorporate into your coaching immediately.

And of course, be sure to join us for our next amazing Coaching Skills Forum call, Wednesday, April 27 at 2:00 Central/ 3:00 Eastern as we explore the wonderful world of POWERFUL QUESTIONS.

(Yes, I know you know all about this topic.  But come to the call and as is always the case, you’ll discover something that you didn’t know before…. you know, just like the PLANNING call you just listened to.)

Oh, and although the call is free for all coaches to enjoy, learn and grow, you can also get CCEUs for these calls too.

Just call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336# and be ready to jump in and play with coaches from around the world.

Just visit www.coachingskillsforum.com for more information and access to over 200 archived calls from the past 10 years.

I’ll see you there.

More FPMC testimonials

“Thanks for your help and for your class.  Your material is answering many of the questions I have had about coaching that I wasn’t even aware of.  An amazing feat!” – Cheryl Briening.

You are so welcome, Cheryl.  (And might I point out that this is only after going 1/3 through the course.  There’s so much more amazing stuff to come that will help her and the other coaches deepen and expand their awesome and MasterFull coaching.

The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching is like nothing else out there–designed to help you truly BE a MasterFull coach.

And the next round begins Wednesday, April 20 at 6:00 pm Central.

40 CCEUs,
16 super-packed weeks,
tons of handouts,
bonus recordings,
and amazing insights, structures and tools that you can bring immediately to your coaching.

You’ll watch your coaching transform each and every week, your confidence will grow, and your power will expand.

Don’t believe me?  Come to the first call “Revealing Your MasterFull Coach” as my guest.

Just call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336# and be ready for 2 amazing advanced coach growing hours.  (there’s no obligation, but there will be an opportunity to continue if you wish.)

*And if you can’t make the call, but are still very interested, send me an email and I’ll send you the recording.

My Coaching demo call is tomorrow. Will you be there?

I certainly hope so.

This is quite exciting.  I’m actually going to be coaching someone for a full session, and you have permission to be a “fly on the wall” and hear it happen.

PLUS: Afterwards, I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and help deepen any learning you might get from the “Demo”.


And it’s tomorrow, 4/21, 1-2:30pm CT.
As a special bonus I will be leading a discussion on what makes a MasterFull coach!  Great learning and discover there, too.

You can also get an MP3 of the call, as well as ICF & BCC CCEU’s.

And if you use the code BEDOO with this link http://bit.ly/18sNsTI you’ll get 50% off the registration price.  (Which is already an awesome bargain.  Now it just got better.)

Hope to “see” you there!

Our last CSF call – PLANNING

Yes, we’ve all heard the well used quote, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
Or “Plan your work and work your plan” – Napoleon Hill

And how about, “A man, a plan, a canal panama”?  All right.  So perhaps it’s not so brilliant.

But then again, think about it.  This is known as a palindrome, right?  Which means if you reverse the letters, it will still read the same way–backwards or forwards.”

Now think about that metaphor.  What if you don’t have a plan?
Would you say that your experience ends up being pretty much the same no matter which way you do it?  You still end up with the same result.

All right, so now that I’ve got your attention, I recommend that you PLAN to listen to this recording of our last Coaching Skills Forum call, all about PLANNING.

This isn’t an instructional or basic call that walks you through the steps of PLANNING, nosireebob, (cause that would be the same as all those other calls).  The PLAN of this call is to explore beyond what we know (and what we think we know) about this very powerful and critical part of our coaching.

So have a listen.

And then visit www.coachingskillsforum.com for all the upcoming dates and over 200 archived recordings you can access for free.

(although I don’t recommend you listen to these recordings backwards.  It won’t make as much sense.)

Want to be a fly on the wall and hear my coaching?

I’m happy to announce that I will be a guest Master Coach on the Moore Master Coaching tele-class series on Thursday April 21, 1-2:30pm CT. Hear me coaching a real client with a real issue in a real session (in other words, this is not fabricated.)

As a result, I have no idea what’s going to happen–it’ll either be brilliant, or a tremendous flop, or both.  But it’s sure going to be exciting.

And the extra bonus is that afterward you can ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to take whatever happened on the call and convert it into powerful learning that you can apply directly to your own coaching.

PLUS: get mp3, ICF & BCC CE’s & my special bonus of an extra 30 minutes for a discussion on what makes a masterful coach.

There is a charge for this, but come on.  Let’s be honest.  A couple of bucks for some amazing Master Coaching and Learning is a steal.  PLUS: MMC is also offering a 50% discount to my friends for my call.  Just use the coupon code BEDOO Visit http://bit.ly/18sNsTI

I sure hope to see you all there.

What’s your WIN?

We all are familiar with the idea of WIN/WIN.

But what is your WIN?

How will you know that you are achieving it or are in a partnership that provides this?
Well, perhaps it might be a good idea BEFORE you engage with your next client to consider what a WIN for you might look like.
What criteria needs to be filled?  What do you need to recieve in return?  What do you anticipate would feel like a WIN when you’re done?

Now write it down.  Have it at your access for the next time you’re negotiating with a new client (or prospective client).

You see, this way, you’re in a more grounded position to ask for what you want.  And when the client offers you something in return (money, barter services, personality connection, etc.) you have a clear list to refer to.  And then you can either “check”, yes, this is a WIN for me, or “no” I’m not getting a WIN (and then you can counter offer with something on your list.)

Why is this important?

Well, how many times have you found yourself in a WIN/LOSE situation, even before you started?  Perhaps you are giving and giving and giving and getting nothing in return and now you feel taken advantage of, sucked dry, unvalued.
Or perhaps you are one of those automatic “Yes” people that say “Yes” to anything that’s asked of you (for whatever reason–you want to be liked, you hate to let people down, you are afraid to cause trouble… whatever, I’m not here to judge cause I have my own.)  But instead of being an automatic “yes” which then finds yourself in uncomfortable or unpleasant situations, overcommitted, and resentful, now you can take a clear stand to get something for something.

Even if you give your coaching or skills or time or energy away, you can get something in return.  It doesn’t have to be money all the time.
Email sign up.
Barter for services.
Feedback (if you’re working something new).
Or anything else that comes to mind that might be a WIN for you.

Oh, and if you’re concerned about what WIN you might be giving your client?  Don’t worry about that, either.

First off, they’ll tell you what they want their WIN to be.  Ususally that’s coaching them on their issue and the desired outcome they are striving for.
And you’re already holding their WIN in the palm of your hand.  Now all you have to do is design (with your client) what is a fair trade.  And that happens when you share with them your WIN LIST and they go “Yes”.

Deepen your Core Competencies – DIRECT COMMUNICATION

You probably know about the Coaching Skills forum calls I do twice a month that explore our coaching skills in deep and provocative converesation.

But did you also know that I host the ICF Core Competency Calls in partnership with the Chicago chapter?

We’ve been doing these calls for 8 years now and once a month we focus on a single Core Competency.

Check out this recording of our last call DIRECT COMMUNICATION and you’ll quickly see why these calls are some of the best (and free) coach growing calls out there.

PLUS: CCEUs are also available.

Visit www.icf-chicago.org for upcoming dates, archived calls, and more info.

And join us for our next exciting topic, Wednesday, April 6 at 2:00 Central time.

Just call (218) 862 3486 PIN: 6969# and be ready to jump in and play.

I’ll see you there.

What happened on the last Fast Pass? (Your Body and Brain: Friend or Foe)

It’s only call #2 and we uncovered some powerful qualities and characteristics that we posess that naturally and automatically support our coaching.

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

But also, they can block our coaching.

“Wait.  What?  They do both?”

You bet.

“Ok.  So do you mean these are things that we have?  Or our clients do?”


I’m sorry I can’t give you any more information than that.

“Oh, come on.  Please.  Just a little tidbit so I know what you’re talking about?”

Well, all right.  For example, (and anyone who has worked with me has probably heard this.

We are creatures of habit, and we are creatures of comfort.  And we are definitely creatures of habit that keep us in comfort.

I hope you can see how this shows up in our clients as well as in ourselves in our coaching.

Of course, that’s only a small part of this lesson (about 1/6 perhaps).  We also explore the Amazing ATEBAR formula that explains clearly  how and why coaching works.  Not only that, but when your coaching is not working, why it’s not working and what to do.  With this formula, your coaching opens up to unlimited possibility and potential… with EVERY CLIENT.

And there’s so much more waiting for you in the “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching teleclass.”

This is the Advanced coaching course that teaches the Artistry and Performance of coaching and there’s a new 16-week course beginning Wednesday, April 20.

40 CCEUs, 7 Mentor coaching hours, and so much more.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information.  (And email me at ben@bedo.org) to see how you can jump in on the First call as my guest for a Free Preview of the course.  My gift to you.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time for you to jump into the really, really, really fast past
Your Coaching will never be the same!