Our latest Coaching Skills Forum call – EVOKING TRANSFORMATION

This call was packed with brilliant insights into the exciting world of coaching, specifically into the aspect of EVOKING TRANSFORMATION.

One of the simplest distinctions that popped out was “All TRANSFORMATIONS are changes, but not all changes are TRANSFORMATION.”

Sit with that one for a minute.  It is so true.

And if you want further clarification, I promise you it’s on the recording with a whole bunch of other amazing stuff on this topic.

Evoking Transformation – 062718

So do your coaching and your clients a big favor and have a listen.

I guarantee you will hear something that will totally EVOKE some beautiful TRANSFORMATION in your coaching.

And then visit our website www.coachingskillsforum.com to get the schedule of our free live calls and access over 275 archived recordings.

Your coaching will never be the same!

How to get out of the maze with your clients

Years ago (many, many years ago) I had a hobby.  I was obsessed and could not stop.  My parents tried to appease me by getting me books and books that I would dive into, and still I could not be satiated.

But it was all fun and games.

And what helped me blast through so quickly was that I had discovered a simple, yet powerful secret that made the hard task ahead of me, easy.

Little did I know I had also uncovered a huge secret that would help me years later in my coaching.

I wrote this a while back and it’s being republished by the Coaching Tools Company, so check it out.


I’m appearing on the STaR Coaching Show

Last week I had the wonderful delight of talking with Meg Rentschler who is the host of “The STaR Coach Show.”

If you don’t know about this amazing podcast, then you are doing your coaching (and your clients) a massive disservice.

STaR stands for Stratagies, Tools and Resources for Professional Coaches.

And she is committed to providing just that.

We had a great conversation about my workshop “How to Find your WOW, NOW!: The 5 Words that will EXPLODE Your coaching… and change your life.”

So go here https://www.starcoachshow.com/88-ben-dooley-the-5-words-that-will-explode-your-coaching/ to listen in on all the amazing things we talked about, including how to get those 5 words.

And if you’re a member, we recorded an juicy extra bonus special value segment and value (just sayin).

(You can access all her podcasts and get more information at www.starcoachshow.com. )

How 10,000 coaches freaked me out

Al right.  So a few months ago, I was talking with a fellow coach (the amazing Rick Tamlyn.  If you don’t know him or “The Bigger Game” I highly invite you to check it out.  Great stuff.  www.biggergame.com)

I was sharing how i was feeling stale in my business, doing a whole lot of work and feeling burned out and not getting the return that I was hoping.

His simple reply was, “Well, what’s your vision?”

And I realized that I didn’t have one.

Yes, I had done one way back in 2005 when I was still new in the coaching world, still discovering what I wanted my business to be like in the first place.  I still have it.  There’s a lot of neat stuff, but it’s nothing like what I have now–the coach training, all the programs I have and the ways I help coaches grow.  This was all done before I had discovered how exciting and fulfilling working with coaches can be and what I truly have to offer.

So this vision is not only out of date, but it also doesn’t apply… at all.  It doesn’t even make sense to update.  I have to start fresh.


I can tell you, it’s a whole lot easier to create a vision and a dream when you’re just starting out.  Everything is possible, everything is exciting.  Now, i’ve been so ensconced in “reality” and the hard stuff and I’ve been so caught up in pushing through the day to day that I didn’t have anything inspiring to pull me forward.  I didn’t have a fire burning inside of me, but rather it was more like a cold smolder.  (Ick.)

So i started thinking about what it was that I wanted my business to become.  I had the life thing down (my wife and I have some long term dreams and goals of our own) but the business area is where it was dry.  The problem was, as i said before, I had to start fresh.  I couldn’t build off of and update what I had before.  (Think of what you wanted as a 4 year old compared to what you want now.  Pretty different, huh? I was a 2 year old coach and now I’m a 15 year old coach.)

And in the process, I created for myself a one year goal, that I think it pretty ambitious, and is closer to that vision/dream.

I want to… no… I WILL connect and help 2018 coaches by the end of 2018.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it (the sign of a good vision), but I know that it needs to be done (another sign of a good vision.)

And that could be many ways, not just one on one coaches or in my advanced class or mentor group, but through other resources like teleclases, webinars, the coaching skills forum calls and even through my coaching books and complementary connection and support calls.

(Now here’s where the freak out happens.)

So I’m now looking more closely at the 5-year version of my vision.  Where do I want my business to be?  What is the impact I am here to create?  What will be tremendously fulfilling and exciting and valuable for me?  What will it be like when everything clicks into place?

And I started doing the math.

If I stay with this 2000+ coach connection and support for every year, then that means in 5 years I will have connected, helped, supported, grown over 10,000 coaches.


Now that’s both intimidating and exciting at the same time (another good sign of a vision)

And that’s not counting all the normal non-coaches that I also get to engage with and help.



So how about you?  What’s your vision?

What’s your dream?

If you’re like me (and most other coaches) we actually don’t have that so clear.  (Some do, but I’ll be the vast majority of coaches out there don’t.)

So how about this?

Let’s both help each other.

You can use this scheduler link to find a time that works best for you to have a complementary conversation.

A) We can explore and help reveal your vision that will help inspire and move you forward powerfully.

B) You will help me get a little closer to fulfilling my goal for the year.

Thank you.