The Amazing ATEBAR Formula

A powerful design that reveals HOW and WHY coaching works (and why it’s not working… and what do to about it)

Hey Coach.

Yeah you.

Lemmie ask you something.

What’s the real difference between coaching and consulting? (Come to this call and discover.)

What is one of the most major critical problems that coaches get hooked on and stuck in their coaching? (Thin k you’re immune? Well, then come to this call and see if that’s really true.)

HOW and WHY does coaching actually work? You know, so you can rely and trust it implicitly? (This call is going to break it down for you in six easy steps.)

What kinds of questions work best with your client? And what kinds of questions does your client really need you to ask? (Oh yeah, here too. And I’ll give you a hint, it’s not so simple as “Powerful Questions”)

How can you access UNLIMITED powerful questions and never run dry in your coaching? (Yeah, you guessed it. This call will reveal all of that, too.)

How can you recover your coaching easily and powerfully when you get stuck, distracted, or things just don’t feel like they’re working? (Do I have to day it? Yup. It’s on this call.)

Is there a teleclass/webinar that will be a powerful experience for ALL coaches–regardless of how long you’ve been coaching, what type of coaching, where you got your training? (The answer is–as all of the others–a resounding YES! Wherever you are in your coaching journey, come on board and I’m confident you WILL get value.)

The Amazing ATEBAR Formula is a powerful design upon which you can build a bigger, taller, more powerful, more resilient, more adaptable, more versatile and much, much more impactful coaching.

And I’m presenting this Amazing Formula to the ICF-Michigan coaches on Thursday, July 18 at 12:00 Central/ 1:00 Eastern. And I am inviting you to come and join this Amazing 90 minute Webinar.

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Yeah, the Amazing ATEBAR Formula for coaching is truly that Amazing.

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What happened on the last Fast Pass? The Being of Doing and the Doing of BEing

The traps and myths and misleadings we’ve gotten in our lives… and in our coach training.

I’ll be straight about this.  There’s a constant collapse that goes on about BEing and DOing—one that creates a lot of problems in our coaching… and in our lives.

Tell me if you’ve ever heard this or something like it (and you might have even said this yourself):  “I’m tired of DOing all the time.  I just want to BE.”  (sounds familiar, right?)

Problem:  This collapses Being and DOing and considers them to be opposite experiences. 

And that is completely wrong.  Not only that, but it is tremendously limiting and it keeps our client in a victim mode.   After all, it’s a complaint, and a complaint reveals an absence of power (or at least the perception of the absence of power). 

Consider that you are ALWAYS DOing something—even when it’s taking a bubble bath, having a long quiet walk in the woods or simply vegging out for a while.  You can’t NOT do.  The real (and often unspoken) statement is “I’m tired of DOing these specific Actions, I just want to NOT DO them, or DO some other Action.

Does that make sense?

So you are ALWAYS DOING some sort of Action, and you are ALWAYS BEING something while you are DOing that action– in other words, you have a specific attitude, essence and mode about you, there are specific thoughts, emotions and beliefs that you hold while  you are DOing that Action.

Ok, so now that we got that straight, I want you to know that this is established in the first five minutes of this specific FPMC lesson.  What follows is so much more. 

More MYTHS and TRAPS that come along with this BEing and DOing conversation, and more ways to explore, leverage and empower your client.  Just from this one lesson.  And we’re only in #3. 

Not only that, but we also use this insight to deepen the BEing and DOing of the Coach (yeah, that’s right.  You.)

Visit and see how “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” tackles deeply BOTH the BEing and the DOing of your coaching in incredible and profound ways.

Plus 48 CCEUs and Mentor coaching hours, too.

It’s time to BE the coach you are truly here to BE
So you can DO the coaching you’re truly here to DO
It’s time to jump into the Fast Pass
Your Coaching will never be the same!