What happens after Certification?

You’ve done some wonderful training, you’ve completed your exam, and you’re now certified.


And whether that was just recently or several years ago, let me ask you this:

What’s next?

Remember that exciting feeling as you continued to grow your coaching?

Recall how challenged you were and how your coaching had that spark?

And don’t forget how powerful you felt as your coaching opened up before you.

So what happens after you’re certified?

You step into BEing MasterFull

Explore the SCIENCE, ARTISTRY and PERFORMANCE of powerful and solid coaching.  This is the course that takes your coaching to the next level.

  • How to show up with full, unshakable confidence.
  • How to handle anything your clients give you.
  • How to bring your FULL self and create FULL coaching presence
  • How to tap into unlimited resources in your coaching.
  • How to truly BE the awesome coach you are here to BE.

And it all happens in The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching teleclass.
20 weekly calls packed with Advanced coaching techniques, principles and tools that will take your coaching to the next level… one that goes way beyond certification.

The next round begins February 6 and there’s a spot waiting for you.

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*(come to the first call, “Revealing Your MasterFull coach” as my guest.  Email me at ben@bedo.org for the details)

What happened on the last Fast Pass? – Time to Wake up and smell your life!

The coaches who were on last week’s Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching call discovered the First Focus in the A, B, C’s of coaching.

“What are the A. B. C’s?”

I’m glad you asked.  Simply put, these are the three major focuses of our coaching—it’s what our clients are coming to us for.  It’s what we do when “goal setting” doesn’t work, or when there’s something deeper we need to address.  And having a clear focus in our coaching allows us to have sharper and clearer connection with our clients.

Think of it like a camera.  Fuzzy focus makes for a fuzzy photo.

“Yeah, great.  So what is the “A”?”

Well, the A stands for Aliveness.

“What does that mean?”

Basically, our clients typically come to us to discover fulfilling direction and a purposeful life.  They want to wake up excited to start the day, go to bed feeling complete and end this life with no regrets.  This first focus one hones in on our client’s “Aliveness”–how to recognize it, how to generate, how to discover, and how to use this tool powerfully

 “Wow, that sounds neat.”

It really is.  And we also go through a cool “conglomerate coaching exercise” to deepen and reveal all that great information.

“Awesome.  So how can I be a part of this?”

I’m glad you asked.  It’s part of the amazing and empowerful “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching teleclass.  The course that grows powerful and confident coaches.
This is where coaches discover the Artistry and Performance  of coaching and there’s a new course beginning Tuesday February 6.

46 CCEUs, 7 Mentor coaching hours, and so much more.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information.  (And email me at ben@bedo.org) to see how you can jump in on the First call as my guest for a Free  Preview of the course.  My gift to you.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time for you to jump into the really, really, really fast past
Your Coaching will never be the same!

Join the new MasterFull Mentor Group and watch your coaching grow.

When you get a testimonial that begins with, “I can’t emphasize this enough: work with Ben Dooley NOW.” that’s exciting.

But then when they follow with, “I decided to join Ben’s MasterFull Mentor Coaching Group as a way to refocus and I’m so glad I did!” then that’s even more wonderful.

And when it’s from a coach who has been a part of the MasterFull Mentor Coaching Group that I offer, then I know i’ve got something good and important–a solid program designed for coaches to discover their coaching in a whole new way with a format that is quite powerful, very insightful and inspirational, and extremely affordable.

A new group begins Tuesday, November 6 and space is limited to ONLY 4 coaches who are ready to discover their coaching awesomeness.

Is that you? (Gosh, I sure hope so.)

Come and check it out at http://bedo.org/masterfull-mentor-coaching-group 

(10 Mentor coaching hours are available as well.)

And you’ll quickly see why this coach also said, “My clients have reported the difference in my coaching and how it’s helped them create breakthroughs they’re seeking!”

Now it’s your turn.


It’s not too late to join the Fast Pass to your MasterFull Coaching!

The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching is a course like nothing out there. Designed to fully teach experienced coaches how to tap into their MasterFull Coaching. The course that coaches are calling, “Deeply inspiring”,
“the best bang for the buck” ,
“encompassing the whole coaching experience”
“I really wish I had done this earlier in my coaching” and,
the best investment you make in yourself since your original decision to become a life coach!”

Now it’s your turn.

Our class resumes Friday, May 2.  And if you want to be a part of this exciting course, you can still sign up and receive a recording of the first class so you can catch up.

  • You’ll learn all about the Coaching B.R.A.C.E–the five essential components to MasterFull coaching.
  • You’ll begin to discover what defines a MasterFull Coach
  • You’ll realize how your coaching can work more powerfully and easily,
  • You’ll start to define YOU as a MasterFull Coach.

And that’s just what you missed from our first call.

Class #2 focuses on creating more foundation for you and your coaching.

  • We’ll explore how our brains and bodies function, revealing specific and inherent qualities that will empower (or block) your coaching.
  • We’ll find out more about your clients and how they function, what they truly expect from you, and what you really can give them.
  • We’ll uncover the truth and the power of ASSUMPTIONS and how they can empower your coaching.
  • We’ll reveal the ATEBAR formula that defines all of coaching in a simple method, streamlining your coaching and increasing the impact on your clients.

And there’s so much more in the weeks to follow–all designed to develop and engage and bring out that MasterFull Coach within.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com to learn more about this exciting and course that will deeply impact and EXCELlerate your coaching and to lock in your place in the class. Remember, as soon as you join, you will get the full recording of the first class so you can catch up on what you missed, plus all the extra bonus recordings that deepen and support what we introduced on our first call.

I believe that you are already a powerful, amazing, impacting, world changing coach. You just need to learn how to connect with that coach more deeply and consistently. The rest is easy.

Please join this course. Discover the MasterFull Coach that you possess.
46 CCEUs are available, 19 weeks, 7 Mentor Coaching hours, 6 bonus recordings, and a lifetime of coaching confidence and success.

Your Coaching will never be the same.

What happened on the last Fast Pass? (What’s the AGENDA?)

What happened on the last Fast Pass? (AGENDAS)

Yes, I know you know about Agendas in your coaching (you might call them something else, but it’s all pointing to the same thing—the topic, the focus, the intention, the desired outcome—in other words, “What do you want this coaching to be about?”

But what you may not know is how to MasterFully access, utilize and leverage this stuff in your coaching.

In this last SINGLE LESSON of the FPMC we explored the whole world of Agendas:

  • How to identify them, how to use them powerfully, beyond what we learned in schools.
  • How to identify different types of agendas.
  • How to get your client invested in their own shift.
  • How to get them moving powerfully immediately.
  • How to create an inexhaustible resource for your coaching.
  • How to get stuck out of being hooked by the “problem” and be able to turn to a more solid and powerful focus.
  • How to handle ANY client with ANY agenda.
  • And how to increase the value the clients is getting from your coaching exponentially.


All from this simple 5 minute exercise that you can do—even while watching television.

And that was just this one lesson.

Imagine what’s available from the other 18 lessons.  (I’ll give you a hint: it’ll completely blow your coaching mind.)


Please forgive me: I don’t mean to do a big sales hype thingie, I’m just so proud of this work and it’s equally exciting to witness the coaches in the class getting this stuff, and watching their own coaching confidence deepen and expand.  I love hearing, “Yeeaaahhhhhh” as things are starting to click and pop.  I love hearing that deep silence as they’re letting new insights and discoveries settle and percolate within.  And I love coming back the next week and hearing, “So I tried this…. AND IT WORKED!!!!”

(I never get tired of hearing that.)


So I want to give you the same opportunity.

The next round begins Friday, June 23 and there’s space for you!

46 CCEUs, Mentor coaching hours, bonus recordings and an overload of deep, reliable discoveries and tools that will EXCELlerate your coaching confidence, power and success.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com to lock yourself in.

(And if you’re not sure, then make it your AGENDA to at least come to the first call “Revealing Your MasterFull Coach” as my guest.)

Your Coaching Will Never Be the Same!