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Coaching Goodies

These are some of the valuable books, audio programs and other materials that I’ve worked with as a coach and highly recommend time and again to coaches to develop your coaching techniques, establish your business skills, or even as a great gift for your clients.


Finding the Right Coach For you – A three part recording, complete with workbook, designed to help you set a clear and solid focus on Finding the Right Coach.  Discover the powerful hidden benefits and things to look for that will result in EXCELlerating your own coaching growth.

The Coaching Skills Forum Astounding Archives – Enjoy, learn and grow your coaching with over 150 astounding archived calls–each one a rich and provocative conversation with the CSF coaching community focusing on a single coaching skill.  Go deeper than any school could go, discover more levels than any mentor could reveal, and gain insights, perspectives and new directions that you can incorporate into your coaching IMMEDIATELY.

The Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching recordings:

Just follow the link in the title to access these exciting and informative audios.

  • FPMC Master Coach Minis – Get a little mini lesson in MasterFull coaching.  Explore some of the basic topics that are deepened in the full Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching
  • Your Coaching B.R.A.C.E – four mini recordings – MasterFull coaching can be best defined by these five powerful principles.  Without them, your coaching falls.  But with them, your coaching is powerful, supported, solid and reliable, creating deep confidence and success.  Get a good taste with these free mini-recordings exploring each topic (the full recordings are available for those registered in the Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching course.)
  • The Fast Pass First Call Free Previews – Little excerpts from the first call to help you get a better idea of what to expect (plus learning and growing as well.)


Below are all the forms that I use for coaching. Feel free to download them and make them your own.

Coaching Welcome Letter – Introduce yourself to your client. Even though you will be “Designing the Alliance” with them later, this helps to establish your side of it more quickly.

Agreement Contract – A simple word document listing all the coaching agreements. This helps the client get really clear about what is expected of them and what they can expect.

Primary Focus Intake Questionnaire – This does not replace the intake session, but rather helps stir up the client’s thinking and how they look at themselves and their lives.

Intake Questions – The Intake session is really about “Designing the Alliance” and “Creating the Relationship”. Everything that you do is all about setting the groundwork of your coaching relationship. Use this as a guideline, but feel free to “Dance in the Moment”.

Client Profile Information – Always good to have all the information on your client in case you need to contact them.

Release Authorization – This gives you permission to log hours and use their name for credentialing purposes.

Excel template for logging hours – simple excel spreadsheet to track of your coaching hours and payments.

Client Completion Form – When it’s time to let a client go, how do you do it while still holding them powerfully? This questionnaire helps them explore their coaching experience as well as what’s next.

Recommended Books
Recommended Audio Programs