The Masterful You Coaching Program


So you’ve gotten coach training and now you’re curious what’s next for you.

So you know how to coach, but you’re not sure what else you can discover

So you ‘re doing good work, but want to know how to get stronger, deeper, richer and more powerful in your coaching.

So you want to BE a MasterFull coach and DO MasterFull Coaching?

And on top of all that, YOU WANT COACH TRAINING CREDITS!!!

Well, you’ve come to the right place.



This complete Advance coach growing program deepens, explores, grows and explodes your coaching from both powerful directions.

ADVANCED TRAINING: The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching:

This incredible 22-lesson Master Class picks up where your coach training left off.

It fills in the gaps in your training.

It reveals all the inner design, structures, foundations, tools and secrets of how to truly discover, access, and reveal the MasterFull Coach you are here to BE

22-super-packed weeks, each class is 2 hours totaling 44 direct class time.

PLUS: bonus MasterFull  Lesson recordings to deepen the training even more.

Offering a whopping 52 Credits as well as mentoring hours.

To read more about this unparalleled, high-level coach training and to register for this independently, go here  

POWERFUL MENTORING: The MasterFull Mentor Group

This unique and powerful Group Mentoring grows your coaching 4X deeper, 4X faster, 4 times more fully than other mentoring.

Listen and learn from 14 amazing coach recordings.

Additional advanced MCC level tips and tricks as they apply.

Watch your coaching grow in amazing ways–week after week.

16 weeks, each call is 90 minutes, totalling 24 powerfully packed coach Mentoring, stretching and growing

To read more about this unparalleled, high-level mentor group and to register for this independently, go here 


Put them both together and you have a total of 66 Credits AND 10 Mentor coaching hours

More than you need to renew your ICF credential OR fulfill the requirements for ACSTH or Portfolio applications for your ACC credential


Learning goals:


  1. We assume that you’ve already been trained.  So there is no need to teach you the basics of coaching.  This is where you take what you already know, add more, go deeper, and truly explode your coaching.
  2. We assume that you’ve already gotten experience.  (However, if you need clients to practice all the incredible new stuff, we can help you easily with that).
  3. (And here’s the biggie) Most experts, mentors, classes and courses resort to giving you prescriptions for your coaching, telling you what to do.  How to do it.  And basically teaching you how THEY do great coaching.
    But that may or may not apply to you.
    At MasterFull U Coaching, we are committed to growing YOU the coach, so that you:

    1. Have FULL ACCESS to all your coaching tools
    2. Have FULL RANGE in your coaching
    3. DISCOVER and REVEAL your FULL Coaching POWER

Who does this?  Everything is led by Ben Dooley, MCC coach, trainer and growing of confident, powerful and MasterFull Coaches.

When does this next happen?

Visit the pages for the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class and the MasterFull Mentor Group for the latest dates.
(Or just contact

All classes and calls are delivered in English and virtually through either a telephone conference line or web streaming.

Spaces in each group is limited.  The FPMC will only take up to 10 coaches.  the MasterFull Mentor Group is limited to only 4.

All students must be previously trained through an ICF accredited school or training.  You do not need to be credentialed, but you must have a working knowledge and experience of coaching with at least 100 hours of both training and experience.

This is not a beginner program, but ADVANCED COACHING GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.

Policies on payment of tuition and fees

If you’re ready to lock yourself into the FULL MASTERFULL COACHING PROGRAM then here are the links to lock it in and you’ll be enrolled in the next available dates for both Sections.


** should you choose to drop and cancel at any time, a partial refund for calls and lessons that have not occurred yet may be reimbursed.  Missed lessons, classes and calls do not constitute a refund of any kind.