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  • Do you need Mentor Coaching hours?
  • Are you looking for that perfect recording to submit for certification?
  • Do you want to listen and learn from 13 amazing recordings?
  • Are you ready to learn amazing insights about your coaching in a super-supportive environment?
  • Are you ready to get 4X the value, 4X the impact and 4X the growth?

Of course you are.

Then it’s time to join the…


Where coaches go to GROW!

(This is NOT like other Mentor groups.  This is 4X bigger and 4X better)


The next group will begin in August

I can’t emphasize this enough: work with Ben Dooley NOW.  As a coach, I’m always wanting to improve and expand my coaching skills but would get sidetracked or “too busy” to focus on professional development.  Working with Ben reignited my passion to learn and grow in my coaching.  His feedback was thorough, insightful, and incredibly valuable.  Ben’s wisdom and years of experience were evident in his feedback, but I was struck most by his friendly and gentle nature.  Ben clearly wanted to see my skills improve and created a warm and supportive atmosphere where the entire group felt comfortable.  He emphasized there’s no one “right” way to coach but always offered suggestions and other places to explore with my clients.  My clients have reported the difference in my coaching and how it’s helped them create breakthroughs they’re seeking!  Thanks, Ben! – Nesreen M.


This unique and powerful Group meets for 15 sessions (plus bonus  design and completion calls) and is designed to explore your coaching skills, technique, presence and performance in a powerful and supportive community like no where else.


First we meet to connect on an EXTRA “get-to-know-each-other” call, where we will also set the focus on how this group will work best and how to listen to the recordings and evaluate powerfully so that you can get the maximum benefit right away.

The group then runs for 12 sessions (3 months, plus any extension due to holidays and skipped weeks) and is limited to only 4 coaches.

The final call wraps it all up, deepens your value, growth and takeaway even further and then locks it all in so your coaching will never be the same.


Yeah, I’m going to toss in a bonus or two along the way to deepen your discovery and add to the overall value and impact.  Which fill fill this amazing experience to 16 powerful coach growing calls.

“It has been a truly transformative experience to participate in the Masterful Coaching Group led by Ben Dooley. I have been a coach for 15 years and really needed the chance to get feedback from other coaches on how I was showing up as a coach. I have learned so much from my fellow coach participants and can see an improvement in my coaching as a result. Ben is especially masterful at delivering feedback in a caring, supportive fashion. Because of the vulnerable nature of someone else listening to you coach, you develop a special relationship with the people in the group. This is one of the best investments I have made in my coach training.” – Lynn Schaber


  1. Each month every coach provides a recording of their coaching (30-60 minutes) at least 48 hours before the next call (a week ahead is preferred).
  2. The entire group will then listen to the recording and make whatever notes they need to be prepared for our group call.

ON THE GROUP CALL, we’ll work as a group to evaluate and deepen each other.

  • You will receive deep and insightful feedback on your coaching 4 TIMES bigger and deeper.
  • You will learn how to listen and evaluate your own coaching
  • You will discover and learn and grow as we explore and support other coaches through their recordings.
  • We will focus on the Core Competencies, providing our own scores from 1-10 along with feedback and comments to help open up options, recognize traps and strengthen your coaching skills.
  • I will also be adding my own insights and comments from an MCC perspective, thus providing you with real context for the skills you’re building.
  • As the opportunity arises I’ll also incorporate additional advanced lessons and structures to help everyone grow.

Sounds cool, huh?  But wait.  There’s more!

“It has been an awesome experience participating in Ben’s Masterful Mentoring Workshop. It really gave me a renewed sense of my coaching purpose. [This work] helped create awareness around some of my patterns in coaching that focused not only on taking the core competencies deeper, but [how to] take our coaching deeper . In the mentoring workshop the emphasis was always on how a new understanding of coaching would be of service to clients.It was a real no-woulda-shoulda-coulda zone for coaches who want to take their craft to the next level . As a coach entering my 2nd year, it was a wonderful lesson–that improving your coaching is not so much a destination as a road that keeps on going.

I got so much value out of hearing other coaches coach and experience the unique presence each one had.”Ed Lederman


  • We are all committed to play full out.  The more you put in, the more you’ll take away.
  • We are all here to support, challenge, grow and celebrate each other and our coaching.
  • We will help each other’s coaching deepen, expand and explode in many ways.
  • If you are needing to renew your ICF credential or other certification and need a recording, this group may help you select a recording to properly present your coaching skills
  • This group will also fulfill the requirement of 10 Mentor Coaching hours, if needed.

The coaches who have gone through this before have discovered exciting depth and richness and acknowledgment for their beautiful coaching.

And now it’s your turn!


If we were to do this work one on one, it would take me at least 2 hours to review each call, with at least 5 pages of time-stamped notes, plus the session.  Which would make this about $325 a week, totaling $4225. Pretty pricey, right?

I thought so.

However, because this is a small group, the rate drops down to a much more doable rate of only $400 per month.  (That’s four super-packed evaluation and mentoring sessions for the price of one.)

Not only that, but you’re getting not one, but FOUR times the coaching feedback every single session!

MasterFull Mentor Coach Evaluation Group
 MasterFull Mentor Coach Evaluation Group
(4 monthly payments)
$300.00/ Month

SPACES ARE LIMITED TO ONLY 4 COACHES, SO BE SURE TO LOCK YOURSELF IN RIGHT AWAY, otherwise you’ll have to wait until the next round.

Email (ben@bedo.org) or call 630-484-2336 if you have any questions.  Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next MasterFull Mentor Coaching Group.

Your coaching will never be the same!