The Power of INTEGRITY

We had a particularly unique problem with our washer–no high spin. Even after I replaced all the various parts and circuit boards, still wouldn’t work. So I called up Terry’s Appliance–a local repair place.

Rich (who’s been doing this for about 30 years) came over to try to help and learned quickly that this was not a simple fix. He spent about 3 hours trying to diagnose the problem, going deep into the wiring, reinstalling everything I did (and confirming I had done it all correctly) and even accidentally frying our extra circuit board in the process.

What impressed me the most was his absolute commitment to stay with it, to give his best service. I am a first time customer, not a long relationship, and he treated me like I was a loyal customer.

When he was done, he had gone above and beyond in trying to diagnose and couldn’t figure out the problem. He apologized and didn’t even charge me for the service call.

But what blew me away was that he reimbursed me for the circuit board that got fried. This man lost 3 hours of work time, didn’t make a dime and LOSE $200 in one afternoon.

It was an example of HIGH INTEGRITY that knocked me over.

NOW, here’s the kick. The next day I had to do some basic laundry and I was just going to have to wring them out by hand until the Super Duper Frigidaire repair man came. And dang it, the high spin was working!!!!

In all the intricate and detailed testing and working the wiring and all that work that Rich did, he had actually fixed it. (The reason why it didn’t work on his final test was I had removed a switch that wasn’t on the new circuit board. but that’s another long story. The bottom line is he did repair it AND is also a man with solid INTEGRITY.

(So I’m sending him a check for his service, of course).

The next appliance that breaks down in our home, Rich at Terry’s Appliance is getting a call immediately.

We should all take a cue from Rich. It’s not about the short, up-front sell, it’s about something much more important. He felt he couldn’t fix my problem and had accidentally damaged a part AND he owned it. He took full responsibility and treated me with respect. He could have easily charged me for his time–regardless if the problem was diagnosed properly (that’s how some businesses unfortunately run) and he could have easily not said anything about the circuit board. I couldn’t return it later and I would have likely thought I had blown it or that the store I bought it sold me a busted one and since I couldn’t return it, i was screwed. He could have easily gotten away with it. But that’s not the point. That’s not how he rolls.

And it’s that integrity that keeps his customers (and now me and my wife and and all the friends I tell) loyal. BTW, Even if he hadn’t fixed the washer, I still would be contacting him for future issues.

That’s the power of INTEGRITY.

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