On the 5th week of Classes my Fast Pass gave to me…

On the 5th week of Classes my Fast Pass gave to me…

5 empowering words
4 powerful coaching completions
3 fantastic coaching focuses
2 stages of deep learning
And 1 Confident and MasterFull coach

All it takes is five specific words to unlock the powerful, amazing, confident, radiant, and special coach that you already are and that once you discover them you’ll find yourself coaching more powerfully, more deeply, and more confidently. These five words will be the key that unlocks your awesome and MasterFull coach. These five words will make your coaching more effortless and powerful. With these five words your marketing will be easier, you’ll be more attractive to clients, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily get grounded and focused so that you can bring your best on each and every coaching call.

What are they? Shucks, I can’t tell you that. But what I can tell you is that you’ll discover them as soon as you register for “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass. That’s right, even before the first call, you’ll begin to experience your coaching in a whole new way and as the weeks progress, you’ll watch your confidence, power and success continue to grow and grow in exciting ways. In fact, I’ve gotten letters from coaches who have thanked me for this one specific exercise, and continue to use these five words years later. This work truly transforms your coaching and explodes your confidence and is your gateway towards easy, effortless and powerful coaching.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com to sign up for the next round of the “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass and get those five words immediately into your coaching experience. You’ll quickly discover how your coaching will never be the same.

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