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Thank you so much for wanting this book.  Here’s the link for you to download my 180+ page eWorkbook

The 150-Day MasterFull Coaching eChallenge

I am so proud of this program as it’s helped many coaches over the years and I’m able to share my insights and over 20 years of experience in specializing working with coaches.


It’s pretty easy.  Every week, for the next 20+ weeks you’re going to get a new lesson in your email.  Each one builds upon the previous, so I highly recommend you do them in order.  You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea.

7 days a week x 20 weeks comes to 140 days, and then there’s a BONUS lesson tagged on (very important)

And then at the end, there is another special offer waiting for you.


If you’re anything like me, it can be quite exciting when you first sign up, and then that amazing, powerful and brilliant thing ends up just sitting there on the computer.  My recommendation is that you create for yourself a commitment to really do this.  Print it out if you can.  Or at least print out the sheets that require you to fill out sections (most of them are repeated in the back).  Actually doing the work will be very helpful and will deepen your learning and expand your coaching growth.

Find a partner coach that you can do it with.  (extra bonus, you can register as a BeDo Affiliate and then get a percentage “thank you” for every coach you refer who signs up for this or anything else.)  

And here are a couple extra things that I want to be sure to pass on that I think will be very exciting and beneficial to your coaching growth:


By accessing this book, you have also registered for my free membership access level where you have continual access to more wonderful (and free) items.

  • BeDo VidBits – quick videos offering a new insight, tool, angle, and shift.
  • Over 400 archived recordings of the Coaching skills forum 
  • Downloads, forms, templates and spreadsheets
  • BeDo Bits insightful and inspirational articles
  • Updates and reminders of upcoming calls, classes and events

It’s all there to help you continue down your path of BEing an awesome coach, so keep coming back often to the MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD.  That’s where everything will be easy to find and access.


There’s a new BeDo VidBits: MCC Secrets every week at the archive page www.bedo.org/Vidbits so keep checking it out.

You’ve got to visit the Coaching Skills Forum—free calls twice a month where coaches from all over the world, of a wide range of experience and training, gather to explore and deepen our experience and knowledge of a single coaching skill for a whole hour.  There is powerful learning available for everyone, including you.  And by the end of every call, you will definitely have some amazing insights that you can immediately apply to your coaching for even more exciting impact and results with your First Five Clients!  Check out the webpage for the upcoming dates as well as over 100 archived recordings for even more learning.

Again, all for you just for being an awesome coach.


Lastly, let me be among those to officially welcome and celebrate you in this wonderful world of coaching.  However new you are or seasoned, whatever credential, training, level, niche, style or expertise, I’m sure you’ll find this to be an exciting, challenging, frustrating and fulfilling journey, and you’re already practicing a powerful tool that will help you excel—asking for help.  And I’m honored to be one of those who can help you.

I pride myself on BEing a powerful resource for coaches, so please contact me should you have any questions along the way or need additional support.

And please let me know how it was going through your 150-Day eChallenge?  Was it easy?  Were you successful?  What did you learn from the book?  I’d be happy to hear how this material worked for you and to find out how I can possibly support you further.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if there’s some other way I can help, or simply just to celebrate YOU and your MasterFull Coaching!

(Your First email lesson should be waiting for you in your email box.  But if you really can’t wait, here it is for you to jump in and begin your journey.

And really don’t forget to open it up and read it.

And REALLY, REALLY don’t forget to do the work (it’s easy and fun).

That’s the way you’ll REALLY, REALLY, REALLY get those RESULTS!

It’s time to BE the coach you are truly here to BE!