About Me

Does that sound like the kind of coach that would be perfect for you?

Well, one quick way to find out is to check out what my clients say. The other, slower, richer, more rewarding way is to experience BeDo coaching for yourself. I’m committed to bringing my full self to our coaching. Not only that, but I’m also committed to helping you bring your full self to yours as well. Let me walk through what we would do together. The first thing we do is start clarifying and identifying your “inner coaching magnificence”. I believe that you are already a powerful, amazing, fantastic, razzle-dazzle, off the hook coach. Don’t believe me? Just give me five minutes and I can prove it. The rest of our time focuses on connecting to that coach solidly, confidently and consistently and learning how to bring them out powerfully in your coaching. We explore and reveal your core values and strengths, as well as your coaching passion and purpose.

What is it that pulls you to coaching?

What makes it so important for you?

What do fears get in the way?

What is your vision for yourself in the world of coaching?

How do you envision your coaching success?

Then we’ll use the “Whole Coach Wheel” to build the “whole” Coach, rather than just focus on skill development, which is only a part of your coaching success. We’ll design a clear focus and direction for our coaching.

This way, we have powerful and compelling goals and structures and the desired outcome to focus on and move towards. Getting started can be challenging, so newer coaches will also receive a complimentary copy of my e-book, “Finding Your First Five Clients” to help you through this easy process. You’ll be coaching your own clients in no time. As our coaching progresses we’ll continue exploring the two stages of learning — information input and application and experience — so that your inner coach is growing, naturally and automatically. (I say automatically because I’m all about creating maximum results with minimal action.)

Deeper. Stronger. Better.

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