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Sometimes our brains are like a bowl of alphabet soup.  Our thoughts and all the things we want to do are like the letters jumbled around.  And sometimes trying to accomplish anything is like dunking your spoon and trying to make a word out of what comes up.  It’s not so easy.  But if we take the letters out of the bowl, we can then see more clearly what we have to work with.  We can start making sense of it all, and even identify those bits of carrots and celery floating about.  It’s the same thing when we write down on paper our thoughts or tasks to do.  Just by the simple act of writing it out, suddenly, we’re able to see clearly all the stuff we’re really dealing with.  We’re able to organize and prioritize what we want to focus on and clean out all the things we really don’t (like the carrots and celery.  Sheesh.  I mean, let’s be real.  If I wanted to eat that stuff, I’d order a vegetable stew.)

If all your thoughts are feeling jumbled and hard to keep clear and organized.  Simply take 5 minutes to write them down.  Go ahead.  Dump out your bowl of soup onto the page so you can clearly see all the contents, get them in order, toss out the things you don’t want, and focus on what is really worth your time and energy.

There’s some great benefit to this simple action.

Not only does it help you clarify and organize, but it also is the first step to creating an alignment between your inside thoughts and your outside reality.  In other words, by getting it out of your head and on to the page, your thoughts are now outside of you, where they can then grow into something big and real.

By just taking a little extra time to organize, clear out, and prioritize, you now have plenty of time to sit back and savor your soup.