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“Values are just like potato chips…

…once you have a taste, you have to have the whole bag.”

It’s really just that simple, isn’t it?

I mean, think about it.  We love our Values.  They’re the experiences and qualities that we have to have in our lives in order for us to feel alive, fulfilled, full of possibility and hope.  When we’re connected to our Values, we are inspired, energized, activated.  And who wouldn’t want more of that?

For me, one of my big Values is helping others learn and grow, and when I get to do that, even a little bit, it’s like I just stuck my finger in an electric socket.  I feel charged, and I want more.  Not only that, but we begin to learn ways to connect with those values so that we can easily repeat the process.  It’s the law of cause and effect.  If I DO this, then I’ll BE that.  Or specifically speaking in my case, “If I DO my newsletter, then I’ll BE helping others learn and grow.”  And I like that.  It feeds me to do more, so that I can get more connection with my wonderful and delicious Values.

Hence the whole ‘potato chip” metaphor.

Next time you’re at a party, I dare you to have just one single chip and not want more.  True, you may be able to resist or deny yourself actually taking more, but you’re still gonna want it.

The same is true with our Values.  We’ll get a taste of our Values, but then there’s something inside that says “you know, you really shouldn’t have them.” Or “who are you to do this and connect with your Values,” which is the same as that voice that says, “You know potato chips are fattening and bad for you.  You should stay away.”

Well, I suppose it’s true in some ways, that Values do fatten us up as well.  But it’s the good kind of fat.  It’s the kind that makes our lives fuller, richer, larger and more energized.  I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a fat life, packed full of those potato chip Values.

Just stay away from the dip.  That’s where the real trouble lies.