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A while back, I went in to Cleveland to celebrate not only Thanksgiving with the family, but my 40th birthday.  I had commented to my wife that I really miss BertmanIOriginal Ballpark stadium mustard that I can only get there.  (It’s awesome… some of the best mustard I’ve ever had.  I know, how can you compete with childhood memories.  But truly, and I really mean this… it’s awesome stuff.)

Unbeknownst to me, my darling bride had contacted all the guests coming to the party and suggested that they bring mustard.  And they did.   By the end of the party, I had accumulated 6 individual bottles of mustard, not counting the additional bottle that I had bought for myself earlier.  Now, I’m loaded with 7 bottles of awesome mustard… all because I simply asked for it.  Of course, the other thing to point out is that I didn’t just ask and then sit back and wait for the magical gifts to come pouring in.  I went out and took action myself.

Looking at it from a “Law of Attraction” way, the Universe saw me requesting in conjunction with being committed to acquiring my desire, and said,

“Mustard?  Sure.  Here you go,” and handed me the condimental motherload.

Basically, the lesson to remember is… If you want it, first you have to ask for it (and you never know who might be listening and be in a position to either say “yes” or spread the word.) and then make the steps and the commitment to go out and get it yourself.

So that said, as this is in the beginning of this book, and therefore a great symbol for “new beginnings”, I call upon you (dear reader) to declare one thing that you want right now.  Make it really clear and specific, and “Ask for it”.  Also determine what action(s) you are willing to take to achieve it.  Tell at least 10 people what you are wanting and what you will do to get it, and then go out there and start getting into action.

To give you all another clear example of what I’m talking about, when my client load is getting low, I make a declaration to myself and to my wife and my own coach.  Something like:

“I, Ben Dooley, CPCC, PCC* coach to Coaches success, declare that by (pick a date) I will have two new full paying clients who are ready to work with me and get amazing results in their coaching development and learning.”

Then, (and this is the important part) I get into action to find them so that I can make it happen.   Just sitting back and waiting for it to come just cause you asked for it is kind of lazy.  And just going off into action without asking for it is reckless.  But combined together, the two work powerfully, much like a hot dog nestled in a bun… with some delicious Stadium mustard.

*(Yeah, I’m now an MCC)

FOLLOW UP ADDENDUM: Since then, we’ve discovered that you can also get it online, too.  http://bertmanballparkmustard.com/

Get some for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.  And if you’re feeling very grateful for this blog post and you want to find some way to say thanks…  Just throwing out a suggestion of where you could send a bottle.)