The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching just might happen in the evening

That’s right. For all you amazing, wonderful, fantastic, and stupendous coaches out there that either have full practices, day jobs, or just learn better when the sun goes down, check this out.
I’ve been getting several requests to open up the FPMC for an evening event, and I figure, if there’s enough interest, then it would be good to listen to the calling forth.
So if you’re wanting 25 CCEUs (or possibly more)
If you’re ready to step into your powerful and amazing coaching
If you’re hungry for deep coaching confidence
If you’re curious about what “the next level” of coaching just might be for you
If you’re a MasterFull coach that’s waiting to be discovered and revealed…
Please email me at and let me know if you prefer Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and if there’s enough call, I’ll go with the majority.
(Of course there’s still room in the Wednesday afternoon class)

More info for this course that coaches are calling “fun, inspiring and educational” at
I’ll see you there.
Your Coaching Will never be the same

How would you respond?

Here’s a coaching scenario to stir up your skills and work your coaching muscles.  Here’s how it works:  Below is a potential scenario that a client might bring to your coaching.  Your job, respond or reply briefly and succinctly.

You can offer a question you might ask.  You could suggest a direction that you would take this client.  You might share an observation.  Or simply could identify what coaching skill you would use.

Here it is:

Your client calls you up and says that she’s feeling frustrated at work.  The job itself is fine and she likes the customers and all that.  But there’s a fellow employee who is constantly negative and not good to work with.  She’s complained to her boss several times, but they say that there’s nothing they can do because of union laws and the fact that the other employee does good work.  There’s nothing technically they’re doing wrong.  They’ve spoken to him in the past but nothing seems to stick and he still comes to work in a negative mood and affects the fellow employees, including your client.  She doesn’t know what to do and is wondering if there’s something you might suggest that she could try to make the employee be more respectful.

Ok coach.  Your turn.  Take it from here.  What would you do?

Last Chance for the Fast Pass Free First Call

Hello, you awesome, amazing, incredible, fantastic coach.

In just a few days something exciting is going to happen in the coaching world, and I wanted to be sure you knew about it.

If you’re looking for 25 CCEUs
If you’re wanting to deepen your coaching confidence.
If you are one of the many coaches who know there’s more to experience, explore, and expand in your coaching.
If you are hungry to discover the MasterFull coach that you truly are

Then it’s time to jump into the “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass.

It all begins Wednesday, November 13 at 3:00 Central/4:00 eastern.  


However, I believe in this work.  It’s powerful, it’s important, and it’s what I believe that every coach should know to truly step into their coaching magnificence.

In the first call alone we’ll discover some amazing insights and shift your focus to discover your MasterFull coaching.  And I want you to be there.

So if this is speaking to you, if this is what you want, then send me a quick email to with “I am a BeDo Coach” in the subject and I’ll quickly reply with the secret phone number to call.

*(If you can’t be there on the call, no worries, send me your email request anyway and I’ll send you the recording afterwards so you won’t miss a thing.)

**(Also, there is a likely chance that I’ll be opening up a second class in the evening, so if that works better for you, still send me your email request with your preferred evening–Tuesday or Wednesday–and if there is enough to fill a class, I’ll make it so and let you know.)

I’ll see you there.

It’s time for you to jump into the Fast Pass.

Your coaching will never be the same.

A new day for BeDo is here.

Well, it’s finally happened.  After a four year process, I’ve finally managed to upgrade my website, incorporate social media, and set up a blog.  Which is what you’re reading now.

And I’ve got plans that have been building that I finally get to set in motion.

This blog (and the social media posts) will have various different types of posts to help coaches of all types grow and build and discover.

A Coaching Query–each week a different scenario or agendas that our clients may bring will be posted (don’t worry, it’s all fictional or inspired by clients long ago) with an invitation for you, the brilliant and amazing coach, to respond with a question, a statement, or a suggested direction.  With this, we can all strengthen our muscles of how to respond powerfully.

Skill of the Day – You may be familiar with the Coaching Skills Forum ( but here is where we can continue exploring our coaching skills.  Each week a new skill will be offered, followed by my own thought, question, idea, or angle concerning that skill.  Again, I invite you to contribute your own thoughts, questions, ideas or angles so we can generate exciting and engaging conversations about our coaching that we all can learn from.

Go Go Go Goals – Look, it’s pretty simple.  We’re all helping our clients discover, create and realize their goals and dreams.  We have them, too.  So while this isn’t full out coaching, I thought it might be fun to offer a little challenge/reminder to keep us moving.  It could be a few words of inspiration, or maybe a little request for action, or even a quote of support.  Together, we’ll be able to slowly and steadily move forward with our own goals, creating our own exciting results.

Lost and Past Bits – If you’ve been following my newsletter BeDo Bits, you’ll know that about every month (or so) a new issue comes out.  Not with a little blurb (that’s what this is for) but a more in-depth insight.  I’ve got pages and pages of notes and thoughts and half written pieces.  Some will eventually be fleshed out to a full Bits article, while others really are fine just being the smaller size.  So here is where they’ll pop up.  Also, I’ll be able to dip back into the archives of past Bits so you can catch up on the exciting pieces you missed over the last five and a half years.

Recommended Partners, Products and Possibilities– There’s so many resources out there, it’s sometimes overwhelming.  I’ll admit it, even for me.  So typically I just stop looking.  However, occasionally, I’ll come across something that stands out from the flood of “all the same” stuff available–something that I think is valuable and helpful for coaches just like you.  It could be a book, or an audio program, or a product or a workshop or class.  I’ll do my best to make sure it’s quality, and there occasionally may even be a few special BeDo Exclusive offers available, so be sure to keep an eye out.

The Latest and Date Updates – There’s plenty of stuff going on, that I offer to coaches of all types.  Classes, workshops, open calls, and the always amazing Coaching Skills Forum.  Many of these events offer CCEUs and all of them provide powerful learning, deep discovery, and lots of coaching fun.  And I want to be sure you don’t miss a single opportunity, so I’ll be sure keep you up to date.

And of course, this is just the beginning.  I’m sure as the days, weeks, months go by new things will pop up that I’ll want to share to help you grow, discover, learn and truly BE the powerful and MasterFull coach that I believe you to be.

I’ll see you on the posts.

testing new Social Media links to the new BeDo blog

Yes, it’s finally happened.  If you’re reading this, that means I”ve successfully connected this social media link with my new BeDo Blog.

This is just a test.

If this was an actual posting, you would be reading it and adding something new to your coaching.

If this is all successful, a real post will follow.

Thank you.


Another Bits is out.

For those who don’t know (because this is all still new) I also have a newsletter that has been running for quite a many years.  Sort of more like a small magazine, considering the content is more like an article.  But the focus and intention is to almost be a mini-lesson, something that we can learn from and grow and discover our coaching power.

Anyway, it’s still a little new figuring out how to manage all these media things (facebook, twitter, newsletter, blog, etc.) but I’m working it out.

In any event, if you’ve signed up for the blog, you’re also recieving BeDo Bits about once a month.

You can always unsubscribe if you choose, but it’s my hope that you’ll find the stuff there valuable and fun.

As well as the stuff here (shorter but still valuable and fun.)

New technology

This is really exciting.  I’ve completely overhauled my website and have been spending some of my free time going through and cleaning it up so that it’ll run smoothly, all the pages are updated and I can FINALLY do what I want with this thing, which is TO HELP COACHES GROW in any way I can.

This next step is attempting to integrate my new wordpress blog with my Coaching Confidence Facebook page.  this way, i can make my posts more easily and not have to copy and paste and duplicate.  If you’re reading this on Facebook, you’ll know that it worked.

How to Make anything easy

I just discovered the secret to how to make anything easy.  I don’t care how big, how hard, how challenging, how impossible something may feel.  Just follow this simple formula, and you will guaranteed make anything easy.

Here, I’ll give you an example.

A few months ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to start running. (Don’t ask me why, just happened.)  I’ve never been a runner, and the very idea of running even 50 feet, let alone a mile or more seemed daunting and near impossible.

However, I found a program ap for my phone that would guide me through it step by step.

The first time out was the easiest of the two month program, but for me it was still a challenge having not been a runner my whole life.  I barely made it through and it took me a long time to recover.

The same went for the second workout.

But I stayed with it, and each time I moved to the next stage, there was more challenge and it was harder and I would be on my last gasp.  I was on this for about three weeks when I came to a workout that literally wiped me out.  Then my schedule got crazy and it became harder to run and easier to pass it up.

Finally, a month later I decided to get back on track and start over.  I had taken over a month off and I knew I was not at the level I had built myself up to, and at the same time I was afraid (and convinced) that I would have to start all over.

So I did.

And wouldn’t you know, that first run was a piece of cake.  Same with the second one.  It was easy.  that same routine that wiped me out two months before, I did again with ease.

And that’s the secret.  If something is hard and difficult and challenging, go back to the beginning and do it again.  You’ll be amazed at just how strong you’ve really grown, how much you’ve learned, and how far you’ve come.

Go ahead try it.  And then try it again.  It’ll be easy.


I was coaching the other day and this phrase popped up that I thought would be good to share.

“The brain tries to figure out the steps, the heart hears the music and already knows the dance.”