What are these SKILLS CALLS all about?
Why are you doing this?
Who are the people on the call?
Can I participate?
Is there a charge for any of this?
Can I get any coaching credit for these calls? And how to I do that?
How do I get involved?
I can’t listen to them now, but I want to later. Can I save them to my computer or .mp3 player?
Can I get credit for listening to the recordings?

What other calls like this are available?


Q: What are these SKILLS CALLS all about?
A: The “SKILLS CALL” meets every 2nd Tuesday at 10:00 am CST and every 4th Wednesday at 2:00 pm CST to discuss in great depth and detail a specific Coaching skill for the entire call. Each session is an hour in length.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Very simply, although the training curriculum in most coaching schools are quite extensive and very powerful, there is only so much time that the instructors and leaders can devote to the teaching of each skill. Also, although the definitions of these skills are quite simple, the understanding and application can be vast and complex. This is not meant to replace any Coach training, but to be used as a tool to enhance and strengthen your comprehension and ability to effectively utilize these skills with your clients for even greater results.

Q: Who are the people on the call?
A: All the coaches involved are from a wide range of training and experience. There are some who are just beginning their training and the learning of these skills, while others have been coaching successfully for years. Any and every coach is welcome to participate, because in the forum design, we all get to learn from each other’s brilliance.

Q: Can I participate?
A: If you are a coach, of course you can. And even if you aren’t, you’re welcome to participate too. But remember, this is not meant to replace the training that you’ll get in Coaching schools.
And don’t worry about your experience. If you’re new at this, you’ll be able to provide great insight to all of us who have forgotten the basics. And if you’ve been at it for some time, you just might learn something as well as pass on your deep wisdom. All are invited.
Be advised that the list of skills comes directly from various coaching organizations and training, so there may be some terminology and jargon involved. This is not meant to be exclusive, it’s just the vocabulary that we’ve learned. However, it’s pretty simple to interpret, and we do our best to make these conversations ALL-INCLUSIVE.

Q: Is there a charge for any of this?
A: Nope. The calls are free for all who want to jump in and play.

Q: Can I get any coaching credit for these calls?
A: YES!!! We are approved by the ICF to issue 1.0 CCEU (Continued Coach Education Unit) credit.

If you attend the call LIVE (in person, direct learning) then you will receive a CCEU in the category of “CORE COMPETENCY”. All you have to do is participate (or listen to the archived recording of the call) and somewhere on the call I’ll provide the special PASSWORD you’ll need to get the certificate.
To receive your credit, simply send me an email ben@bedo.org and I’ll send you a corresponding certificate for you to download and keep for your records. You’ll need to submit a copy of these certificates when you reapply.
Please include the DATE and TOPIC for the call and the secret PASSWORD to ensure you receive the proper certificate.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: It’s so simple. Call 1-218-339-8524 PIN 2336# (BeDo) at the time of the call and you’re there.

Q: I can’t listen to them now, but I want to later. Can I save them to my computer or .mp3 player?
A: That, as well, is quite simple. Of course, you can just go back to the top of this page and click on whatever skill you’d like to listen to and a new window will open and start playing the file. You can also “right click” the skill and choose the option to “Save As” and then you can download it right to your desktop.

Q: Can I get credit for listening to the recordings?
A: I’m so glad you asked.  Most definitely.  But because it is listened to on your onw time, and you aren’t able to directly engage or participate, ICF determines that it would automatically become “SELF-STUDY”.

Q: These calls are absolutely wonderful…
A: Thank you. I think so, too. And they are truly wonderful because coaches just like you participate and make each and every call rich with amazing insight to our coaching skills. I truly believe that these calls are an invaluable resource to any coach, no matter what level of experience. So thank you for your participation.

Q: You’re welcome, but that wasn’t my question.
A: Oh, sorry. I’m just so proud of these calls. What was your final question?

Q: Well, I was just wondering if there were any other calls that you might recommend.
A: Ah yes, great question. And funny you should ask, because I also co-host another series of calls that focus entirely on our ICF CORE COMPETENCIES. It is supported by the Chicago ICF Chapter and is also free and open to all coaches as well as provides CCEU’s for participation. It’s a great way to learn more about the “universal” coaching format and structure as defined by the ICF. And similar to the CSF, they are rich with coach participation, insight, and great learning. They occur every 1st Wednesday of every month, and you can learn more about them at the Chicago ICF Chapter website www.icf-chicago.org