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Coaching Skills Forum Testimonials

“In these calls, the discussions explore coaching skills way beyond the standard definitions. The depth of insight provided by both novice and seasoned coaches amazes me every time. In addition, there’s a real sense of community in this group, as we share our experiences and insights, as well as our challenges as coaches. There is such value in these calls, on every level. Thank you Ben, for providing this forum!” 

Jane Miller, BSc, PhD, ECPC, ACC

“As former President Of Coach U – I have been around a long time and on my fair share of calls. I can tell you that you add value like nobody else!! I have been at this for a Very long time and it made me so Mad forking over all those dollars for the conference and I would walk away with very little in terms of new ways to look at things and tools to help my clients. Your calls are rich and embracing” 

Debbie Frame

“I have had the fabulous experience of “Ben in Action”! I found his strong intuitive nature engaging which created a platform for new and solid learning. Most coaches “listen” carefully, yet Ben heard between the words…the sighs and pregnant pauses…as a conduit to something bigger or deeper. He encourages BOLD thinking, action and exploration. I feel that he can certainly “raise the bar” for those wanting “their bar raised” 

Carol T. Nosches, CPCC, ACC

“Ben is the Amazon.com of CCE’s. It seems that no sooner does your finger leave the keyboard after sending your certificate request than Ben’s response lands in your inbox. And that’s on top of how great his Coaching Skills calls are. Thanks for making it so easy to earn my coaching credits!” 

John Robinson

“I have been listening to Ben’s Coaching Skills Forum for some years and it is getting better and better. Ben offers warmth, humor and dare I say, a touch of madness, in the calls. He dances in the moment but constantly, with the focus of the call in mind. He encourages the contribution of others and highlights and expands key points. Metaphors, experiences and laughter are shared. When you work alone and feel your work may be stagnating, the calls are a real tonic and centre for learning and excellence.” 

Joyce Chiu Broadbent PCC

“Can I just say I love these calls? It is so helpful to think about all these basic things, because after certification (from whatever school), it just doesn’t come up all that much. And it really helps.” 

Hilary Hutchinson

“With an air of fun, Ben offers each coaching skill almost as if the participants had never heard of this particular mode or method of support. The group proceeds to poke and ponder at the concept until individual ideas build upon ideas and there are numerous declarations of discovery. Ben has created a phenomenal interactive support process and I am addicted!”

Marianne Klancke

“Ben, As a result of today’s Coaching Conversation, I’ll “articulate what’s going on” for me. J You are the coach’s coach: Masterful. Joyful. Playful. Inspired. Inspiring. And definitely, helping me become a better coach – first internally, and then externally.” 

Maggie Voelker PCC GCDF