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This is astounding.  The second time in a row I had a coach looking for clarity around a coaching skill they are being trained in, and when I went to send them a link to an archived CSF call, I discover that there ISN’T ONE that exists!!!  

That’s right, we haven’t had a CSF coversation on another skill. Which is surprising because this one is such a foundational part of our coaching.  Without it, our coaching isn’t nearly as impractful and powerful of an experience.  In fact, (although I’m sure one would argue it’s possible) it seems as though without it, coaching doesn’t really exist.  So of course I added it to our list and eagerly await what will surly be a delicious and fantastic conversation.

However, because we’re going through the whole load of over 60 topics alphadetically, and we’re just now starting over with all the “A” skills, and this one begins with a W it’s gonna take some time to get around to it–like about 2 1/2 years.  However, you are invited to come and enjoy all the wonderful, exciting, engaging, powerful conversations on over 60 other coaching skills.  Discover levels and layers to your coaching that you can carry with you throughout your WHOLE LIFE.

visit www.coachingskillsform.com for more info to these incredible free calls and information as to how you can get as many CCEUs as you wish.