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Before we even really got started, one coach asked, “Wait.  Are you referring to the COMFORT ZONE we are getting our clients out of, or our own COMFORT ZONE?”  And before I could think clearly, I replied, “YES!”

And the rest of the call went in amazing directions.  There were several times many of us went, “Wow.  I hadn’t looked at it that way before.”

And there were even a few push backs and challenges.

If your COMFORT ZONE is to simply gloss pass this email and not listen to these recordings, then fine.  However, let me ask you this?

“How can you possibly help your clients beyond their COMFORT ZONE if you can’t step out of yours once in a while?”

So take that step.  Listen to this call.

Comfort Zone-092717

And discover something amazing and powerful for your own coaching.

And then visit www.coachingskillsforum.com to access the other 250 archived recordings and get the schedule for our next exciting call on Tuesday, October 10 that’s all about COMMITMENTS

I’ll see you there.