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certification exam full prep support

Mastering the artistry and performance of coaching.

Approach your coaching exam with complete confidence. Full access to your range and power. And knock it out of the park.

The Certification Exam Full Prep Support (6 Calls) is best for you if you’re in a structured Certification training program and need that little extra boost of support for your upcoming exam so you can knock it out of the park.

All right, I’ll answer your first question.  Will I be able to help you pass your exam?

“Yes, how did you know?”

Well, the fact that you’re visiting this page that’s all about preparing for your exam is a big hint.

“You’re right.  Well, can you?”

Well, let’s look at it this way.

If you’re reading this page (which you are) then I’ll assume that you are already an awesome, amazing, spectacular, incredible and fantastic coach!

“What?  How can you say that?”

Easy.  You’ve already been through an amazing journey so far in discovering your coaching skills. You’ve attended your classes, studied the lessons, and no doubt given (and received) plenty of coaching.  Right?

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

Not only that, but I can prove to you in less than five minutes that you are already that powerful, impactful, knock it out of the park coach.

“Really?  How?”

Well, for that you’ll have to contact me so we can chat in person.  but it’s pretty easy.  Just schedule a time with my scheduler and we’ll talk then.

In the meantime let’s look at what has brought you here to this page.

The time is coming for that final stage in this part of your coaching journey… THE EXAM!

“Yep, that’s correct.”


  • Are you confident you will pass?
  • What skills are you still striving to improve?
  • How well have you been able to develop that ability to “know” where to take your client?
  • What anxieties are coming up?


  • …there was someone you could work with that could give you deep feedback on your coaching?
  • …there was some way to “power boost” those skills that you already possess?
  • …there was a way to eliminate any anxiety and pressure that inevitably builds in those final weeks?
  • …there was an experience that could help you discover that powerful, centered, focused, prepared and confident coach so you can not only create success for your exam, but for all your coaching beyond?


Now’s the time to take all that great learning of your skills and step onto the path towards mastery. Develop your coaching confidence. Take your learning even deeper. Lear how to play “coaching jazz.”


I’ll admit that when I took my exam, I failed. You can read all about it in “MY FAILURE STORY” and you’ll see that I didn’t just fail… I FAILED… big time. However, that whole experience taught me some very powerful lessons about coaching.

First off, my coach was awesome, but just because a coach is awesome, doesn’t mean they are a good teacher. Not only that, but I wasn’t aware of the pitfalls and traps that can hijack a coach during exam time. I thought i had everything prepared and felt confident, but when it came time for the final exam, the pressure revealed the cracks in my coaching.

I discovered the hard way there is no “magic question” or process to learn that will instantly create magical coaching. It all comes down to having a powerful connection with your client, and a powerful connection to your coaching. and even though I was a good coach at the time, I was not prepared to handle the “PERFORMANCE” of coaching.

“What do you mean, PERFORMANCE?”

Simple. You have an exam coming up, right?

“Well, yeah, down the line. At the end of my Certification training.”

Someone is watching or listening in, they are judging and evaluating your work, making sure you follow the process correctly and that you’re “doing it right”. If you fulfill their expectations, then you PASS. If you don’t, then you FAIL. Not only that, but you’ve got a client on the other end who is expecting some sort of result and outcome. No pressure, right?

“But they told me to just imagine that it’s a regular call and that they’re all here to support us…”

Yeah, yeah. I know. And all those other tricks like “Imagine the audience is in their underwear” and all that stuff. And while they’re fun pieces of advice, that’s all it is… advice. And unfortunately that rarely works.

“Why is that?”

Because there is a real fear or anxiety that’s tied into all this, and if it’s really something that big that it’s impacting your coaching, a simple trick is unlikely going to “get rid of it”.

“No, I guess you’re right.”

Not only that, but that doesn’t seem to me to be a very coachlike approach, does it? “Just pretend this and everything will be all right.”

“It sure doesn’t.”

No siree. Not only that there are a lot of coaches and Mentors that help you prepare for your exam by teaching you how to pass.

“Wait. What’s wrong with that?”

Well, actually on the surface it’s not wrong. After all, you’re wanting to pass the exam, right?


And so finding someone who can walk you through the exam process step by step and give you all the things you need to remember–all the structures, the process, the steps and all the check marks–so you have all your bases covered.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

Well, again, that’s not a very coaching approach, is it? Not only that, but following the checklist and all the steps properly isn’t really coaching either. In fact, if you end up trying to do that in your coaching, then whose agenda do you think you’ll be following?

“Gee, when you put it that way, I guess mine.”

Exactly. Which is why I don’t teach for the test. Instead, we approach your coaching from a deeper angle, looking at what anxieties get in the way and are popping up, and we discover powerful techniques and truths and principles of Advanced and MasterFull coaching that eventually override that old programming. Along the way, I teach you deep fundamental and advanced coaching skills and tools (the same ones that create MasterFull coaching) that allow you to design your own powerful platform upon which you can build a solid structure of coaching confidence and power. With this, you can pass ANY test… including the ones that go way beyond your exam. Which is what you want, and it’s what your clients want, too.

So it’s pretty simple.

If you want to just pass your exam (little agenda, by the way) then go for it. But if you’re ready to tap into your coaching power, create deep confidence and feel solid and prepared that you can succeed beyond your exam, then let’s start working together now.


This package will help you:

  • Adjust your focus for your exam
  • Streamline your day-to-day coaching
  • Strengthen and enhance over 10 powerful coaching qualities
  • Boost your coaching confidence, along with tips and techniques to keep you connected to your client and your skills throughout your exam, so that you can walk away feeling 100% successful.

The package provides up to 7.5 hours of working with a seasoned and highly experienced coach (that’s me). It is recommended you allow at least two months before your exam to accommodate all sessions, so you have plenty of time to not just learn this information, but to incorporate it powerfully into your coaching. A total of SIX calls are included in the package. Each 75-minute call focuses on building your skills and coaching confidence in a different way.

  • Call #1: We’re going to start off hitting the ground running (after all, you don’t want to waste time, do you?) And we begin with a simple approach that will instantly turbocharge 13 of your coaching skills in just 15 minutes. Not only that, but it also provides amazing extra benefits and impact to your coaching practice and preps you for the exam in amazing ways–creating a “been there, done that” experience. Your coaching will never be the same.

  • Call #2: Next up, we’ll learn the Amazing ATEBAR Formula–the powerful 6-step process that reveals exactly how and why coaching works, what is happening when your coaching is not working, where and how you’re getting stuck, and (most importantly) how you can easily get out of it. This awareness alone has redesigned how coaches look at their coaching in empowering ways.


  • Call #3: All right, now we’re going to look more deeply at what is really really happening with your clients, as well as the single greatest obstacle that you are having to manage in your upcoming exam (as well as all your coaching). But there’s good really-ews, because once you know this, you can leverage it to your advantage. Plus, we’ll discover a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use at any time to ground yourself and your coaching. It’s perhaps the single most important thing that you can learn in your coaching that will help you discover amazing power, energy and focus.


  • Call #4: Yes, you know about the agenda that the client brings to the coaching (the request, the topic, the issue and the problem). And you probably even know about that thing that is called “The Big Agenda”. But what is it really? More importantly, what if it was something you could clearly identify in less than 15 minutes (perhaps even in 5)? Not only that, but imagine that you can actually use that Big Agenda as a powerful tool in your coaching–one that will give you unlimited powerful questions and always have a powerful place to connect to in your coaching.

  • Call #5: Speaking of connection, We’ll reveal just how critical connection is in your coaching. In fact, when connection is broken, coaching ceases to exist. So it’s pretty essential to powerful coaching. We’ll reveal deep secrets about your connection, expose deadly and dangerous myths that you have mistakenly followed (which is creating even more problems for your coaching) and explore solid and proven techniques to get you reconnected instantly to your client and your coaching immediately. And once connection is reestablished, your wonderful coaching can resume.

  • Call #6: Your final call is completely about YOU and your purpose. This is when we will target and ELIMINATE any lingering anxieties and derailers about your upcoming exam, creating for you a 100% exam success.

  • BONUS CALL: A special call that can address any additional areas of your coaching as necessary.
    • Possibly to sink this work and any of the specific lessons and learning in a little deeper.
    • Evaluate one of your own coaching calls (using some of the new contexts and insights from this prep work).
    • Anything else.

(This extra call could be scheduled for before or after your exam. Whatever’s going to help you best.)


Here’s the deal. I get asked all the time, “Does this work?” and “Is it a worthwhile investment?” and, “What makes this different than all the other Exam Preps out there?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

First off, this IS different. It’s about growing the coach. Creating a solid platform for your coaching to stand.
And it’s not about passing your exam (that’s so “little agenda” anyway). Instead it’s about discovering and creating a powerful and confident coach that will live way beyond your exam.

So I will tell you this.

GUARANTEE #1: EVERY SINGLE COACH who has taken this package and done the work has passed their exam, as well as created amazing success beyond.

Those who did not pass, I followed up with to find out what happened. In that follow up work it has been revealed EVERY TIME the coach failed because they didn’t do what we covered, explored and learned.

GUARANTEE #2: If (for some crazy reason) you do not pass, I will continue to support you until you do. Free of charge.

GUARANTEE #3: The material you will learn from this work, the parts of you taht you will discover and the skills that you will grow will serve you way beyond your exam.

Because this work is about you discovering and harnessing your true coaching power. Creating unshakable confidence. And expressing your coaching magnificence.

If you have any questions you can always contact me and I’ll be happy to help you get moving–confidently, powerfully and successfully.

So… are you ready to discover a whole new level to your coaching, strengthen your skills, solidify your coaching so you can get certified?