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My job is to give you everything I have to help you get the most out of your certification journey and be the coach that you are here to be.

Get the most out of your advanced training and discover your FULL music, your FULL color, and your FULL coaching CONFIDENCE, POWER AND SUCCESS!


“What did you call me?”

I called you a coach. That’s what you are, right? I mean, you’ve already gotten some fundamental coach training?

“Well, yeah, but…”

And now you’re ready to learn how to use those wonderful coaching skills more powerfully and confidently, correct?

“Well, sure, but…”

So what’s the problem?

“Well, it’s just that whole ‘awesome, amazing, wonderful and fantastic’ stuff you mentioned.”


You’re still feeling a little new at this whole coaching thing. In fact, if you’re interested, I could prove you are these words (and more) in as little as 15 minutes. All you have to do is use this link to schedule a time for us to talk.

I’ll bet along the way you’ve done some good coaching, perhaps even some great coaching, and you’ve also likely had your share of… well, not so good coaching. And now you’re stepping into an advanced level of training or certification program in order to build your skills and grow your coaching confidence and success.


Well, don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place, because that just happens to be my specialty.You see, I’ve been there, right where you are. I’ve been in that place where I was excited about coaching, and yet starting to realize just how hard this can be. I was having rough spots with my clients, my coaching was starting to feel hard. And there were times when I wasn’t sure if I was really being effective or if I was ever really going to get this coaching thing. Sound familiar?


Not only that, but when I took my exam, I failed. You can read all about it in “MY FAILURE STORY” and you’ll see that I didn’t just fail… I FAILED… big time. However, that whole experience taught me some very powerful lessons about coaching. There is no “magic question” or process to learn that will instantly create magical coaching. It all comes down to having a powerful connection with your client, and a powerful connection to your coaching. And that’s what we work on–THE SCIENCE, ARTISTRY AND PERFORMANCE OF COACHING


I’m sure you’re well aware of how the world of science is being incorporated into the world of coaching.

We’re talking about physics, neurology, pathology, and even our own human design, evolution and nature. Everything that we experience in our world has a scientific correlation and explanation (even the things we don’t understand can at least be explained in some way scientifically.)And the more we can understand the functioning of our client (not to mention us as coaches) in a reliable, clear way, the better we can trust what is going on and how to approach it.

Confidence is all about trust. And when we can understand our coaching and our clients and ourselves based in science, then we can trust much more powerfully–trust the client, trust the coaching model, trust your past, trust your intuition, and trust the experience you are in.

And that’s how you are able to access your awesome Coach much more easily.


You see, although there is a structure and skillset to coaching (what you learned in your training and continue to expand in Certification), coaching is also fluid, ever-shifting, unpredictable. It can twist and turn at any moment.

Not only that, but we’re not just using our minds, but our whole selves–our bodies, heart, and spirit.

The same four sources that artists use. Any artist. I don’t care if you’re an actor, painter, musician, athlete, chef–whatever. If you’re creating something, if you are having to adjust to your experience and environment, if you need to be “in the zone”, then you are needing to access your “inner artist”.

You see, anyone can learn how to coach, and any school can teach you how to coach. But there’s not a lot out there that teaches you how to engage your FULL self and fuse it into your coaching. There are thousands of coaches out there trained exactly how you’ve been trained. But there’s ONLY ONE YOU. Our work together focuses on you discovering your deep and unshakable confidence, power and success. We reveal your FULL RAINBOW OF COACHING COLOR, your FULL ORCHESTRA OF MUSIC, your FULL FLAVOR and your FULL EXPERIENCE and allow it to become a part of your coaching.

After all, if you’re not using your FULL RESOURCES, then you’re only doing HALF COACHING.

“Wait. What? Color? Music? What the heck are you talking about?”

How about this? It’s all how you’re being.

MasterFull – Know how to execute your skills deeply and powerfully and have full access to ALL your coaching tools.

Unstoppable – Being able to recover, reconnect, and let nothing get in your way of your coaching.

Synergy – Accessing the alchemy that is created when you can your client connect.

Inspired – Breathing life into your coaching. Following a higher path.

Confidence – knowing that you can BE and Do whatever is needed. That you can handle whatever is thrown at you.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

“You bet!”

How about…

Creative- Being able to create anything at any time

Opportunity – transforming any obstacle into a powerful opportunity

Love – Utilizing the power of Love in your coaching to access passion, power and unlimited possibility and make your coaching easy and effortless.

Out of this world – Extend beyond your imposed beliefs and limits and dare to step into the unknown

Radical – challenge conventional ways of thinking and behaving, break boundaries, and inspire others along the way.

“Wow. that all sounds pretty awesome.”

Can you imagine what it might be like to be a MUSICAL and COLORFULL coach?

“Yeah, I think I can. All right, I’m game. How do we do all that?”

We take what you’re learning and with the help of simple and powerful adjustments and insights, we’ll deepen your confidence so that you will begin to think and feel like a skilled coach.


Every coach (and I mean EVERY coach) gets caught up in their performance. “Am I doing it right?” “Are they getting their money’s worth?” “Are they getting what they came for?” “What if they leave the call without a solution?” “Is what I’m doing justifying the money they’re paying?” “Am I meeting their expectations? What if I don’t?” and all the other versions that pop up.

If you’re a new coach this happens, if you’re an intermediate coach this happens, and even if you’re a long time experienced master coach this happens. And you better believe that it happens with coaches preparing for their exam. “I hope I pass. But what if I fail?” I’m sure you can already see how this hijacks any coaching, arrests the agendas, falters the focus and kills the coaching.

I repeat: EVERY coach faces this experience. What’s different is how they handle it.

“Ok. I’ll bite. How do they handle it?”

The simple secret to handling that PERFORMANCE ANXIETY is making sure you have high CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION.

“CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION? Can you tell me a little more about what that means?”

Well, I’ll try.

COACHING CONFIDENCE – knowing you can handle any client, with any situation, agenda, issue or problem, at any time.

On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning “absolutely NO confidence whatsoever. Do not call me. I am the last coach you should call” and 10 meaning “BRING IT ON. WHATEVER YOU GO, I CAN HANDLE IT. WHATEVER YOU NEED, I CAN BE IT. WHATEVER YOU WANT, I CAN HELP YOU GET IT!” What number are you?

CONNECTION – if there’s no connection, then coaching can not exist. It’s as simple as that.

When CONNECTION is missing, then your coaching is hard, frustrating, unsure, unclear, messy, nowhere, sticky, unsure and empty, When you have CONNECTION, then powerful coaching is available, easy, effortless, powerful, exciting, transformative and rich.


The good news is that there are so many wonderful ways to explore, expand, and explode your Coaching Confidence and Connection. The bad news is that it would take up too much space to explain here. But the more good news is that throughout our Certification coaching time, we’ll have plenty of time to design, develop and deepen your CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION so that you can have full access to your coaching ARTISTRY and PERFORMANCE.

You’ve got your class to help strengthen your coaching. But together we empower THE MASTERFULL COACH.


50 minutes every week of personal one-on-one coaching time to be used however serves you best.

Coach-2-Coach mentor time where you can tap into my over 15 years of experience and information to help guide you through all the other areas of BEing a confident and powerful coach: business-building support, marketing help, clarifying skills and techniques, help with a client, anything is fair game. My experience is your resource.

On-Demand Coaching. You get to request what skills and techniques you’d like to experience in our coaching, and I’ll adjust my coaching to accommodate and help deepen your learning.

Reverse Coaching. This is what it sounds like: you coach me, and I give you specific, detailed feedback on how you’re using your skills. Powerful direction and guidance from a “client’s” point of view. This alone can BE a powerful and exciting experience.

Coaching Call Consultation. With your client’s permission, I can listen to a recording of your coaching, take detailed notes and then we can explore the coaching with deep and powerful insight and support.

A Free Copy of My Book. How to Find Your First Five Clients. Designed to help you get moving in business building… It’s chock full of insight and tips that every new coach needs to know that your school won’t teach you.

It sets out a clear structure for starting up marketing and business development, beginning with, you guessed it, finding those first five clients while also answering all those questions that are getting in the way. Our first call will also be an extended 2-hour “Foundation” call where we’ll discover/uncover some powerful tools we can use in our work together, I’ll learn more about you and what you’re needing to get the most out of this work, and you’ll train me how to be the best coach for you.

ALSO: when the time comes, we’ll shift our focus towards your Certification Exam with my unique and powerful Certification Exam Prep package to discover more ways to strengthen your CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION, tap into your ARTISTRY and powerfully handle the PERFORMANCE of coaching.

As I said, it’s so common for coaches to get caught up in “doing it right”, “don’t fail”, “have to pass” and “other people are watching and judging and evaluating your coaching”, and when that happens, your coaching gets compromised and challenged.

This work provides a solid foundation of tools and principles so you can approach your Certification Exam powerfully, confidently, and with complete success. (GUARANTEED, by the way)

If you have any questions, you can always contact me for a complimentary call. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions (and give you a complementary mini-coaching session to see if we’re a good fit.)

My job is to give you everything I have to help you get the most out of your certification journey and be the coach that you are here to be!