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Coaches in Core Training

Helping new coaches (like you) get the most from your training

Hello there, coach. I guess at this point if you’re reading this page, you’re either curious about getting into coaching or already in training for it. Either way, I’m going to call you “coach.”  How’s that sound?

“Well, I guess it sounds ok.  But I’m not even fully trained or certified.  I’m just starting out and Don’t really have any clients to brag about.  Why would you call me a coach already?”

Why?  Well, from where I’m sitting, I BElieve that you are already a powerful, awesome, fantastic, wonderful coach–even if you’re not fully trained… yet.  And you’ve got a couple of other things to your advantage as well.  Why, I’ll just BE:

You’ve got coaching spirit

You’ve got a desire, drive and passion to help people

You’ve set yourself on this path to discover and reveal your coaching power and skill

And you’re visiting this page to see how I can help you

That’s plenty already to tell me that there’s a wonderful coach within you that’s waiting and ready to BE discovered and revealed and unleashed to the world. And guess what… the world is waiting for you and needs you.

The one thing that might BE missing is your coaching confidence –- your ability to feel completely comfortable applying the skills that you’re learning.

“Yeah, you hit the nail on the head.”

Ultimately, you want to know that whatever happens in your coaching, you can handle it. That kind of confidence comes with practice, time, and skilled guidance. And what about building your business?  Perhaps you’re wondering if you’ve got what it takes to BE a successful coach and make money at this.

MayBE you’re committed to success, but not quite sure HOW to get started and find your first five clients.

“Yeah.  Now that you mention it.”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.Most coaches face these DOubts and others over and over again.

It’s like we have our own special “coaching” gremlin/saboteur/critic who keeps whispering in our ear at prime moments when we’re trying to DO our BEst in this work, “you know, a real coach would…”

Well, take it from me, you ARE a real coach.   You’re just new at this, and I’m here to help you.  You’ve found your new direction, your passion, and your purpose with coaching. All you need is a little help in getting the most from your training.

45 minutes of personal coaching. Every coaching session allows time to help clarify and answer whatever coaching questions you may BE having. You get to request what skills and techniques you’d like to experience in our coaching, and I’ll adjust my coaching to accommodate and help deepen your learning.

Reverse Coaching.  This is what it sounds like: you coach me, and I give you specific, detailed feedback on how you’re using your skills. Powerful direction and guidance from a “client’s” point of view.  This alone can BE a powerful and exciting experience.

A Coaching Call Consultation. Which is really a fancy way of saying, with your client’s permission, I am willing to listen to a recording of your coaching.  This can help you deepen and grow your coaching in so many ways, including getting yourself prepared and comfortable with your eventual upcoming oral exam.