If you’re taking your exams through the ICF or you are needing support to renew, you are required to have 10 hours of coach mentoring which I also provide in this special package designed to support and boost your coaching while preparing you for your exam. You get 12 super-packed calls that we get to fill in some exciting ways.

(If you still need to acquire credits for your submission, then you might consider “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass.  )

You can read more information and details here.  But don’t forget to use the payment links on the side here to take advantage of the special “ICF FULL SUPPORT and CCEU PACKAGE DEAL”

Wherever you are currently in your coaching journey, whatever your current status or credential (ACC, PCC or MCC) my commitment is to give you everything I have to help you discover and reveal the coach that you are truly here to BE.

The ICF Portfolio package, which offers all 10 mentor hours one on one.  How we use that time is designed together.

-Exploring and deepening your coaching skills, discovering where you’re unclear or could use a boost (and clarifying and boosting easily and powerfully)

  • A 2-hour design/intake/discovery session designed to reveal deep and powerful tools, identify obstacles that will challenge your growth, and establishing a clear and solid partnership of how I can be the best coach for you in this stage of your journey.
  • A modification of the 6 Certification Exam prep call package that focuses on deepening the Artistry and Performance of Coaching (See above)
  • Focusing on business development and other areas of your coaching success
  • Evaluating your actual coaching (with either a recording, or reverse coaching, or other approaches)
  • Good old fashioned coaching (You’ll learn even by being coached)
  • Advanced insights, learning, training, and exercises from the other services I offer that may be appropriate for deepening your learning and growing.
  • And once I having witnessed your coaching skills first hand (and you show the appropriate skill level), I’ll also provide one of your required letters of recommendation (if needed).=
  • Anything else we decide to design together. It’s all about what’s going to best support you in your growing and discovering your coaching confidence, power and success.

Cost: $2000

ICF Certification support

Whatever package or payment option you prefer, please know that I am completely committed to your coaching success.  In fact, I offer a guarantee with both of my Certification Exam Prep packages and can do so confidently.

That means if you do NOT pass for whatever reason, we will continue to work together (at no cost, on a limited basis) until you complete to your success.