“What the heck is a 100-Day e-Challenge?”

Well, it’s pretty simple, actually.  This is a unique and exciting way that you can activate and grow your coaching in fun ways on your own time. Each lesson designed to help you stretch and grow your coaching skills, deepen your awareness and expand your power.

“How does it work?”

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Every five days a new lesson will appear in your e-mail box which you can either access directly or download to your computer for later. Go through each lesson at your leisure and do the work that’s provided to begin deepening your coaching and creating simple, yet effective shifts.  (But don’t take too long because another one will appear in 5 days, and you don’t want to get behind.) There is space in the lesson to fill out, or you can use your own notebook or paper.  Typically each lesson shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete (some considerably less) and any ongoing assignment usually takes about 5 minutes or so a day. Minimum effort for maximum benefit.

“Is this e- challenge something like that Fast Pass class you have?”

Similar, but different. You see, the Full Fast Pass class is 16 sessions, each an hour and forth-five minutes long, and super packed with amazing advanced coaching techniques, insights, principles and new powerful perspectives to EXCELlerate your coaching faster towards your mastery. Hundreds of coaches have enjoyed and benefited from this work, and I hope that one day you will, too. This 100-day e-Challenge follows a similar path of development, and focuses on the same basic curriculum, but offers different insights and exercises that are in the class.  In fact, you could say this program is packed with all the extra powerful stuff that I can’t fit in the class.  So you’re getting awesome bonus stuff that those in the course aren’t getting). It’s a simple investment of only $19.95.

“What? Why don’t you make this free?”

Well, to be perfectly honest,

1. First off, I put a tremendous amount of work into this. I didn’t just want it to be a simple little one-pager that anyone can do.  I’ll admit the initial intention was to make this free, but the more it developed and expanded, I realized that this was truly some valuable and important work that coaches need to know, and that truly makes a difference in our work.

2. Secondly, these lessons are quite powerful in their own right. Each one targets different parts of our coaching in unique and exciting ways.  It’s been my experience that those coaches who have done this work provided have watched their coaching grow in beautiful and exciting ways.

3. Thirdly, really? We’re talking 20 incredible lessons, each one coming to you every five days, in a program that’s created to help you expand and increase your coaching skills and confidence. Are you telling me that you can’t afford A DOLLAR A LESSON?

4. Fourthly, considering each lesson averages anywhere from 6-8 pages (and some even a little more than that) if you printed it all out (which you can do) you would easily have a 150-page book jam packed with Advanced coaching techniques, approaches and insights that will impact. expand and grow your coaching,  That alone is worth way more than $20. Plus if I was to do this exact work with you directly one on one, you’d end up paying about $1000.  So I’m guessing that $19.95 doesn’t seem to bad now, does it?

5. And Fifthly, I suspect that if this was for free, you might or might not commit to it. And I want you to commit to it. that’s how you will experience results. Just having it arrive in your mailbox isn’t quite enough. So I’m hoping that with a little investment on your part (or “skin in the game”), that might encourage you to truly take advantage and benefit from this e-challenge.

“Yeah, but what will I be learning? What does this e- challenge cover?

Well, I can’t give it away, can I?  However, here are some of the titles of each of the lessons.

2. What is a MasterFull Coach?

5. You’ve got to Get Back to go forward

7. Actions speak louder than words

10. Curiosity Killed the Cat, but what killed curiosity?

11. You’re only human – You can’t Fix it, no matter how hard you try

13. Creating Confidence – The Secret Formula

15. What’s it REALLY all about?

17. Working with your top and bottom.

19. Creating Your Coaching connection

And of course there’s more. Puh-lenty more.

“Those sure sound like interesting titles, but why should I do this whole e-challenge thingie?”

There are a few reasons this might be perfect for you.

A. If you are serious about coaching and you want to discover more.

B. If you are interested in the Full Fast Pass the MasterFull Coaching Class, but can’t sign up right now–due to money, schedule conflicts, or it’s just not the right time.

C. If you are curious about the FPMC, but aren’t quite sure, and you’d like a better idea of what the full course is all about. (This gives you a pretty decent taste of the course on the whole.  And still only a fraction of the powerful learning available.)

D. You’re looking for that little extra something to give your coaching a boost.  (And it WILL boost)

E. You love getting weekly emails that offer intriguing insights, exciting exercises, and clever coaching concepts.

F. You just can’t stand missing out on something so awesome and incredible as the FPMC 100-Day e-Challenge.

Does any of this sound like you?

“Perhaps. But I’ve got some more questions.

All right.  Well, then how about this?  Instead of filling this page with all the possible questions you might have and then all the answers, let’s make this simple.  How about you ask some of the big questions, I’ll do my best to answer them below, and if you have any additional questions not here, then you’re invited to contact in the sidebar and I’ll reply as soon as I can.  How about that?” And of course, you can sign up for this exciting 100-Day e-Challenge on the sidebar when you’re ready.

“Sounds fair enough.  All right.  Here goes with the questions.”

And here goes with the answers.

Is this going to be a bunch of beginner stuff?

No way. Nor is this some clever angle or exercise you can add to your coaching. This work targets YOU as a Coach, and your coaching toolbox. This addresses wherever you are in your journey and helps you to advance further and faster. It’s powerful work for advanced coaches, and yet available for beginners.

So this is more like Advanced Coaching Stuff?

Most definitely.  In fact, just like the full Fast Pass class, this material is designed to pick up where most coach training ends and then expand and deepen what you know about your coaching and how you identify and hold yourself as a coach.  So wherever you are in your coaching journey, there is something for you to learn.  So I guess you could say it’s Advanced stuff for all coaches.

So what if I really like this stuff and want more?

Oh, that’s a great question. And because I’m committed to helping coaches just like you discover their deep and unshakable coaching confidence, power and success, there’s more amazing stuff when you’re ready. At the end of each lesson, there is an opportunity to purchase a recording of the full class lesson that corresponds. It’ll be like you’re getting to sit in on the class and get all the advanced learning available.

What if I want to expand with more than just one lesson at a time?  Can I get the whole audio series?

Sure, if you really like this stuff, then you can also purchase the full audio package as a self study program–either sent to you once a week (as though you were in the actual class) or as the full package of 12 recordings. You can read more about it here. 

If I want to sign up for the Full Fast Pass class, can I still do this challenge?

Most definitely.  In fact, although the theme of the basic lessons and progression are basically the same, much of this specific material is new and different.  Also the timing might be a little off.  For example, the first 9 lessons of the e-challenge correspond with basically the first two of the actual classes.  After that, we continue on basically an e-challenge lesson per following Fast Pass lesson.  Except that there are some calls in the full course that are additional and not part of the e-Challenge at all. So really doing both will get you double the value (and perhaps even more than that.) 

If I do this e-Challenge first all the way, will that ruin the experience for the full Fast Pass experience?

By no means at all. As I said, this course, although following the same basic path, provides a slightly different perspective and exploration than the course.  In fact, nothing is really repeated, so while some lessons may seem similar and familiar, they will be quite different.  Thus, each one bringing its own value and experience.

What if I decide not to do the Fast Pass class?

That’s completely fine.  There’s no expectation or obligation.  My hope is that however much you immerse yourself in this work that you get more out of it than you expected.

I see the Fast Pass class offers CCEUs and Mentor coaching hours.  Can I get that with this?

Nope.  I’m afraid not.  You see, just because you’ve signed up and are receiving this stuff, I have no way to prove to the ICF that you’re actually doing it.  Not to mention the real valuable CCEUs are the Core Competency ones and those can only be obtained on live sessions (in other words the full Fast Pass class.) Same goes with the audio recordings.  If you’re needing credits, then it’s in your best interest all around to sign up for the full course.

If I purchase the audio recordings, isn’t that the same as the class?

Yes… and now.  It’s the same basic material and experience that the live class is going through, with a few differences.

A) The full Fast Pass course is much larger with calls and material that isn’t a part of the audio series.

B) You’ll find sections of the audio series have been edited out to respect the confidentiality agreement as best as possible with the coaches on the call.  (Yes, I got their permission to use these recordings, with the stipulation that I remove anything personal.)

C) There are exercises that we go through that you’ll listen to, but it’s a very different experience to participate.

D) Each and every class is completely different because of the dynamic that the coaches participating bring.  New little angles, insights, levels, and perspectives are continually being focused on that other classes didn’t get.

E) Even if you know this stuff, it’s wonderful and powerful to go through it again.  I’ve had many a coach repeat the course and discover even more exciting, empowering, and amazing parts of themselves.  Besides, the more you reinforce something, the stronger it becomes, right

Can I sign up for one on one sessions instead?”

Of course you can.  That option is always available.  In fact, I offer a special discount for coaches who are in the Full Fast Pass class so if you really would like it, I’ll offer it to you as well, just for being a part of this 100-Day e-Challenge. FOUR sessions- each 45 minutes long for only $400. And we can use that time however it serves you best.

1.Deepen the discoveries from this e-Challenge

2.Explore other areas of your coaching

3.Focus on your marketing, branding, business aspects.

4. Review your coaching sessions, tighten, and discover amazing and deep insights.

And more.

So do you have any more questions?

“Nope. I don’t think so.”

Great. Then I have one for you.


It’s easy. just make your purchase here and you’ll instantly be signed up and you’ll get your welcome letter and first lesson in 24 hours.

After that, you’ll receive a new e-challenge every 5 days, each one building upon the previous.


I believe in this work.  And I believe it can make a powerful difference in your coaching. How about this? If you sign up. Go through the lessons. Do the work. And if you don’t notice a profound shift in your coaching, then I’ll refund your money back completely. In fact, I’ll even go one step further and say if you go through even just the first half and are unsatisfied, then I’ll cancel you from the program and refund your entire purchase. So you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So how about it? It’s a small investment for a big value… one that will impact your coaching and your clients, and help you move faster towards your coaching confidence, power and success.