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Which One Will You Choose?

Which One Will You Choose?

If you’re looking for exciting and fun videos and audios to grow your coaching, along with access to the TONS of Coaching Skills Forum Archive recordings, topped off with easy access forms and downloads that you can make your own, and finally powerful, coach-growing calls and webinars, combined with master classes to explode your skills, confidence and success – well, look no further. You’ve arrived!


Yep, it’s just what it sounds like – you get good stuff if you join my free level of membership. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

  • Coaching Skills Forum recordings (over 340 – Credits not included. (Click here to find out more about credits).
  • BeDo Bits newsletter – insightful, creative and compelling coach-growing articles
  • First notification for upcoming events, classes, calls and events.
  • VidBits archive page – ever growing and updating collection of quick coaching tips, tricks and discoveries to make your coaching better
  • Bits Archives – an ever growing collection of past articles, inspirational quotes, engaging thoughts and ideas, metaphors and parables, all revealing powerful coaching tips and tricks.
  • “Finding Your First Five Clients” 180+ page eWorkbook


This monthly option includes all the stuff included in the “Get Good Stuff” level, plus:

  • All forms, logging spreadsheets, and other handouts to download, modify and use for your very own.
  • Ask Ben Anything Webinars and calls – Join the call live or access the recording later. Bring any and all of your questions ($180 annual Value)
  • Deepen and Grow your Coaching webinars and calls ($300 annual value)
  • Exciting, innovative and insightful teleclasses and webinars designed to stretch and grow your coaching.
  • Join in deep and provocative conversations, out of the box training, access levels and layers to your coaching you never knew existed.
  • 5% discount cashback on on ALL MasterFull YOU Advanced Coaching Program classes and courses (up to $197 savings annually)
    The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching
  • The MasterFull Mentor Group


This monthly option includes all the goodies in the previous two levels, plus…

  • Annual complementary one on one Mentor Coaching session ($150 value)
  • Monthly MasterFull Webinars – 90 Minute master Classes deepening your skills and tools in powerful ways ($600 annual value)
    • ALSO INCLUDES: 1.5 monthly Core Competency CCEU if attending live
    • Access to all Past MasterFull Series (including past Self Study CCEUs)
  • Failing My MCC – a 17-part saga chronicling my MCC journey. All the successes, failures, learning, discovery, deepening and insights to help your journey go that much smoother, deeper and better.
  • Special 10% discount on ALL MasterFull YOU Coaching Program high level advanced classes and courses (up to $387 annually), The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching, and the MasterFull Mentor Group


What are the dates and times for the teleclasses and webinars?
Nothing is locked in. I shift the days and times around to allow ALL members as chance to benefit. Ideally, you’ll be able to engage and participate in all of them. I will be sending out from time to time an email asking for your preference, which will allow me to gauge the most popular times as the group continues to shift and evolve with new coaches.

(The best way is to get on any of these Membership levels and you’ll be informed of all the upcoming dates and events)

Can I cancel at any time?
Of course you can. There is no commitment or obligation. Or rather, on your part. MY commitment is to continually provide you with content, value and experiences to continually challenge, inspire, engage and grow your coaching. MY commitment is to keep this so beneficial for you that you won’t want to leave.
This all looks so amazing!
Thank you. But that’s not a question.
So how do I get the most out of this membership stuff?

There are several ways, actually:

  1. Go and visit the pages often. Every week or so there will be something new that pops up. Sometimes one or two, sometimes a few–audio recordings, videos, handouts and documents, etc.
  2. Be on the lookout for any corresponding email you might get from me. (Make sure I didn’t get bounced to your SPAM/JUNK folder It could contain exciting and valuable stuff.)
    1. Notification of something new on the membership pages
    2. An announcement for upcoming exclusive advanced teleclasses and MasterFull webinars.
    3. An email requesting interest and availability for later events
    4. Special announcements for upcoming MasterFull YOU coaching Program classes, groups and courses (and how to access your special membership discounts).
  3. Join in as many events as you can, every single month. There are so many to choose from, many offer CCEUs, all of them offer deep learning, powerful growth, and amazing insights that will truly shift and deepen your coaching.
    1. The Coaching Skills Forum – Twice a month.- (Free for join in any time).
    2. Ask Ben Anything – Open group mentor calls – (available only to the BountiFull Abundance and MasterFull Access Levels) – COMING SOON
    3. Coaching Growth and Discovery Calls – Exploring deep and powerful applications and insights into your coaching – (available only to the BountiFull Abundance and MasterFull Access Levels) – COMING SOON
    4. Monthly MasterFull Webinars – Deep and powerful standalone Master Classes – (available only to the MasterFull Access Level)
Wait! I have a question that wasn't addressed here.

Don’t worry – just contact me using one of the methods here on the contact page and I’ll be happy to help.