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 So you want to be a CREDENTIALED COACH!!!

Well you’ve come to the right place.

When your take your exams through the ICF you are required to have 10 hours of coach mentoring. This likely should be a combination of attention to your coaching skill development as well as skilled feedback to your coaching. What a coincidence that I offer both in a special Complete ICF Certification Package.

First off, you get a complementary introductory conversation to clarify your thoughts and feelings about the process and exam. If you need to take your written exam, there will be some guidance also provided to help you keep focus and prepare properly. We also explore how to effectively use your transition time between the written and oral exams.

A total of SIX calls are included in the Exam Prep to Confidence and Success” package. Each 60-minute call focuses on building your skills and coaching confidence and connection in a different way, each building upon the other.

  • PRE-Package Call: We’ll connect and begin focusing on your current coaching status, addressing what concerns and questions you may have about your exam and get you started moving towards shifting from being “in your head” to your “whole body coaching”.  And that’s even before we actually begin working.  This is just the prep call.   This is also when we’ll schedule all your other calls so that you’ll complete this amazing work at peak timing before your exam. (so consider this your little extra bonus call, even before we really get started.)
  • Call #1: provides a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use at any time to ground yourself and your coaching. It’s perhaps the single most important thing that you can learn in your coaching that will help you discover amazing power, energy and focus.
  • Call #2: escalates your coaching proficiency in just 15 minutes. It’s a simple approach that instantly turbocharges seven of your coaching skills. It also provides amazing extra benefits and impact to your coaching practice. Your coaching will never be the same.
  • Call #3: revisits your coaching skills with the Coaching Skills Game. You’ll comprehend your coaching skills like never before. It’s just like music where you have to learn all the basic notes and chords first before you can play jazz.  We’re talking about your “coaching jazz”, where you begin down the path towards your coaching mastery.
  • Call #4: focuses on the actual exam experience and where you discover an added advantage and confidence for your exam. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be disconnected from your client at some point, and here is where you get three simple, proven techniques to instantly get re-connected.
  • Call #5 is a continuation of the connection call with two more incredibly powerful (and easy to use) techniques that propel you into masterful coaching.  In this work we’ll discover the powerful and amazing Secret Super Skill that most coaches don’t consciously know about, but it’s what creates complete coaching connection.
  • Call #6. Your final call is completely about YOU and your purpose. This is when we will target and ELMINATE any anxiety about your upcoming exam, creating for you a 100% exam success. This aspect alone is powerful and has helped many coaches keep their focus during their exam so they can do what they came to do and be who they came to be. Of course you’ll not only leave the call with this deeper knowledge, awareness and coaching skill, but with simple yet powerful structures to keep you in that focus from the moment our call ends until the moment your exam is completed.

Along the way. I invite you to check out my personal exam failure story.

“What’s that?  YOU failed your exam?”

Yep.  And proudly.


Well, I’ll admit that at the time it wasn’t so proudly.  But looking back it was one of the more powerful and deep learning experiences of my entire coaching journey.  In fact it’s because of that very failure that allowed me to discover some amazing and powerful skills and tools that have helped so many other coaches discover their deep confidence and ace their exams.

that have come as a result, including these very tools designed to build deep comprehension and enable powerful application of your coaching skills. The package will help you:

      • adjust your focus for your exam
      • streamline your day-to-day coaching
      • strengthen and enhance over 10 powerful coaching skills
      • boost your coaching confidence,along with tips and techniques to keep you connected to your client and your skills throughout your exam, so that you can walk away feeling 100% successful.

The package provides up to 8 hours of working with a seasoned coach whose expertise is helping coaches discover what I call their unique “coaching magnificence”.

This sounds great. But tell me, what is your success rate with coaches taking their exams?

Just to be clear, this work is really not about passing your exams.

“What? Then why am I visiting this page?”

Hold on a minute. Let me finish. What this work is about goes waaaaaay beyond your exams. This is about approaching your coaching confidently and powerfully. Your exam simply becomes a focal point. However, to answer your question, I cen tell you that every coach I have helped with these six sessions, has learned all they need to powerfully their exam.

I can also tell you with complete honesty that there have been a few coaches who I have done this work with and they did not pass.

“What? Well, why am I wasting my time here reading this if you have a low success rate.”

Actually, my success rate for this course is 100%. Let me clarify. Every coach that ended up failing their exam I followed up with to find out what happened. We walked through all of our work step-by-step and the reason why they failed was because they chose not to follow the work that we did and instead do it their old way.

Sure enough, with a little reminder and reinforcement, they went back and retook their exam (this time using the techniques and tools that are in this course) and they passed with flying colors.


You betcha. in fact, I am so confident about this work that I offer a 100% guaranteed success. *(see below)

You see, this work isn’t about quick tricks to remember. It’s not about key magical questions. It’s not at all about formulas and a process that will instantly create a passing exam. This is powerful ADVANCED COACHING TECHNIQUES that take the awesome and wonderful coach training that you already possess and sinks it deep. It’s about transitioning from “intellectual” or “brain based” coaching to “intuitive” or “body centered” coaching.

(Valued normally over $1200)

Paypal link below and make your payment of $647 to lock your appointment.

It is recommended you allow at least two months before your exam to accommodate all SIX sessions, so you have plenty of time to not just learn this information, but to incorporate it powerfully into your coaching.

(The truth is this package isn’t really about helping you with you exam. It’s about helping you discover that powerful and confident coach within you. It’s about turbo-boosting your coaching so that it will never be the same. It’s about taking those steps towards coaching mastery, and coaching jazz.  Want to know more, then contact me.)

But wait, there’s more!!!

Sign up for some EXTRA SPECIAL “REVERSE-COACHING”.  Coach me, as a real client, and then receive at least 30 minutes of deep and direct feedback on your coaching. It’s a blend of triad calls and supervision calls, but with the specific context of not only covering all your coaching skills, but also sharpening your listening skills so you can begin to evaluate and guide your own coaching. This amazing experience is $75, well below my usual rates.

This experience alone will grow your coaching in exciting ways. You’ll quickly catch your weak spots, tighten your loose ends, and deepen your strengths (and get a little extra fine tuning on those ADVANCED COACHING SKILLS that we’ll have been working on). Your coaching will never be the same. Sign up now.

EXTRA BONUS: If you are needing a letter of recommendation for your credentials, after witnessing your coaching and providing that your skills are competent, I’m easily able to provide you with the support to become an accredited coach,

OK, now you’ve read everything about these Certification Confidence calls.  If you want to know more, you’re going to have to contact me for a complementary consultation to see for yourself how this is exactly what you and your coaching is needing.

Or I guess the real question is, knowing all that is available to you, why would you not contact me right now and get yourself on that path towards your coaching confidence and exam success.

In fact, I want to make this really easy for you. How about breaking it up into two easy monthly payments of $325?
Or you could go back and review the information on these links.

You get the 6 Certification Exam Prep calls,

PLUS: The bonus ATEBAR formula for powerful coaching recording

ALSO PLUS: Two Reverse Coaching calls

AND EVEN MORE PLUS: Two good old fashioned Coaching Sessions (so you can also learn by experiencing as well as getting some good coaching.)

This package alone is valued at over $1800.

But I’m passionate and committed to helping coaches grow.

All for the low price of only

ICF Cert/Mentor pkg$1,277
ICF Cert/Mentor pkg (2 pmts)$638
ICF Cert/Mentor pkg (3 pmts)$426



EXTRA BONUS: Since I’ll have witnessed first hand your coaching skills, if you show the appropriate skill level, I’ll provide one of your required letters of recommendation.

ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS: You can also pay it in two monthly payments of $638 apiece.

“Say, that’s pretty good.  But I’ll be you can even do better than that.”

Well, how about this?  If you’d like to stretch it out a little more, you can easily break the package up into 3 monthly payments of only $426.

Not only that, but I’ll also throw in my Success guarantee.

“Guarantee?  But I though that we weren’t supposed to guarantee anything in coaching.”

Well, you’ve got a point there.  But I feel pretty safe with this one.  You see, I believe in this work so much, I am confident that these tools are what every coach needs to handle the “performance” of their coaching with skill and confidence that I’m willing to make a big claim and promise to you.

If you take this course.  If you do everything that we work on.  If you practice and follow what i share and incorporate it into your coaching and for some crazy reason you DON’T pass your exam?  I’ll personally work with you on a complementary status until you do.