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How can BeDo come to YOU

Every single one of my teleclasses focus on the development of the coach: sharpening the skills, deepening awareness, and building powerful and unshakable confidence so that any coach can learn how to handle any client and any issue that’s brought to them.

All types of coaches at any level of experience will benefit from any of these workshops because they aren’t some new assessment or exercise or trick that applies to limited situations or clients. These workshops focus on coaching performance and the powerful skills that we all utilize in our practice.

They work with all coaches, and all clients.

These teleclasses tap into and expand powerful MasterFull coaching principles.

The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching

Discover the Performance of Coaching.  Reveal your coaching POWER.  Watch your Coaching Confidence grow week by week.  This unique and powerful 13-week course not only reveals the amazing secrets of advanced coaching, but you will become skilled in the four Powerful Principles of MasterFull Coaching– the Coaching R.A.C.E.  Along the way, your coaching will expand and increase, impacting your clients in ways you couldn’t imagine or dared to dream.

Certification Exam Preparation

The certification prep class helps you get you centered, focused, prepared, and sets you on a path to coaching confidence and success, not only for your exam, but for all the coaching beyond. Now’s the time to take all that great learning of your skills and step onto the path towards mastery.

 How to Find Your WOW, NOW! 

There is nothing as powerful and attractive as you showing up authentically.  These five words will truly EXPLODE your coaching, and even change your life. Watch your confidence grow instantly. Discover how to enhance your marketing. Attract amazing clients.  And even make your coaching easy and effortless, and even more powerful. This teleclass can be easily modified to serve as a group workshop.