I believe that you are already a Powerful, Amazing, Stupendous, Fantastic, and MasterFull coach. You just may not know how to access your full power. You just may not be fully confident in your coaching.

But I’m here to tell you, your MASTERFULL COACHING is waiting to be FULLY tapped into and brought into the world so you can BE the coach you are here to BE!

Look no further, because your Coaching Confidence, Power and Success is now available through the incredibly exciting, unique and amazing…

“Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching”
(to MCC level and beyond)

Advanced Techniques, Principles and Foundations for the Artistry and Performance of Coaching

NOW part of the ACSTH approved MasterFull YOU Advanced Coaching Program OFFERING A FULL 66 CCEU’s, Mentor Hours and MORE!

Up to 60 of them can be Core Competency depending on specific attendance.
OR, you can convert 7 of those credits to MENTOR COACHING HOURS, as needed

THIS is the course that takes where your coach training left off, and teaches you the Science, Artistry and Performance of coaching.

THIS is where good coaches learn how to be GREAT coaches
THIS is the gift that every coach should give to their coaching… and their clients
THIS is how YOU can discover and reveal your coaching magnificence and truly BE a MasterFull coach.
THIS is what coaches are calling, Deeply inspiring”, “freeing”, “empowering”, “exceptional”, “the best bang for the buck” , “encompassing the whole coaching experience”,  and, the best investment you make in yourself since your original decision to become a life coach!”
Now it’s your turn.
“I don’t teach you how to coach like me.  I teach you how to coach like the MasterFull coach that you are here to BE!”
Coaches all over the world agree there is absolutely nothing else like the FPMC out there, and the next series begins

The FULL FPMC COURSE begins September 21, 2022
9:00 – 11:00 am Central/ 10-12 Eastern

(all 30 lessons, 66 CCEUs, Mentor Hours, and so much more)

So now that we got the date settled, I’m going to attempt to make the rest of this as easy as possible for you:


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The “bang for the buck” is tremendous! The calls are energetic, thorough and jam-packed with information, feedback, and fun exercises. The additional benefit of receiving the continuing education credits is the cherry on top! I love the lists and the coaching games! Your abbreviated (cut to the chase) formulas and acronyms stick with me, and I can more naturally take them into my calls now and apply them with ease. When going into coaching calls now, I don’t have the same high anxiety about whether or not the client is getting their money’s worth coaching with me. When going into coaching calls now, I don’t have the same high anxiety about whether or not the client is getting their money’s worth coaching with me. The layering of information and exercises is culminating into being able to pick up the ball and actually create a viable coaching business. This is something I have fumbled with since I initially received my certification in 2008. It has been a long time coming! Dear future FPMC participants, The FPMC class will be the best investment you make in yourself since your original decision to become a life coach! – Lynn Teague

Hello there, you Marvelous, Awesome, Stupendous, Thrilling, Effervescent, Rock-and-Rolling Coach!

You’ve gotten some great coach training.  Congratulations.  Now what?  While there are plenty of resources to add to your toolbox, there are few opportunities out there provide a place for advanced and skilled coaches to sharpen and strengthen. Not only that, but where can you go to become an even stronger, more confident and impacting coach? In other words: you want to be a masterful and powerful coach, but you may not know is HOW you’re going to do it.

Introducing the “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching.” the only course that teaches you how to truly BE a powerful and MasterFull coach.

In this class, I learned to separate what my head thinks I’m supposed to do from what my heart knows is important in my coaching relationships, and how to use my strengths to create more of that with ease. I highly recommend this class to other coaches because the skills that Ben teaches have improved the quality of my coaching and my confidence, while decreasing the effort it takes to create and maintain a powerful relationship with my clients. My clients get the benefit of my strengths as a coach, without my gremlins popping in and taking over the call. – Becky Pursell

Magnify over 13 basic and advanced coaching aspects, instantly and automatically, in just 15 minutes by “COACH-SPRINTING”

Access your COACHING PURPOSE and explode your coaching.

Shift your coaching with the incredible power of “BINARY COACHING” and 5 easy and powerful ways to connect to your client.

Thrill in the COACHING SKILLS GAME and win fabulous prizes while growing your coaching, easily and powerfully.

Explore how your brain works, how fears take over and how you can build your coaching confidence, one teeny tiny tiger at a time.

Reveal some of the major coaching traps that dilute and disempower your coaching, and learn how to work with Teeny-Tiny-Two-Inch Tigers.

Find the deep and solid AGENDA, FOCUS and STARTING points of your coaching so you never feel lost again.

Understand your coaching skills in a deeper and more empowering way so you can access them and never feel stuck again.

Leverage your skills upon each other to rapidly enhance your STRENGTHS while building your WEAKNESSES

Love your coaching and your clients in a whole new way … and there’s so much more, all designed to reveal that MasterFull coach that I believe you already are, you just may not know how to connect to them deeply and fully and powerfully.

Now, at this point, you’re probably saying one of two things.

“Wow, this course sounds incredible. How can I sign up?”

If that’s the case, then the simple answer is, don’t waste a single moment.

Choose the price option in the sidebar that suits your best (with or without Mentor Coaching) and lock yourself in. You also could be saying,

“Man, this sure looks good. But this is just a simple bullet point list with clever word choices. I want more information.”

Great. Well, if you want more, then let’s go to the next page so you can see the full breakdown of each of the calls so you can have a more clear and empowered idea of what the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching is all about.

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