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FPMC What you get, Prices and Packages

All right, you Wonderful, Delicious, Incredible, Phenomenal and Redonkulous coach….

“There you go again with all those words.”

I’m sorry.  It’s such an exciting part of the course that it leaks out.  But it’s true.  I hope you know that.  You see, I believe that you are already a Powerful, Amazing, and Exciting coach—here to do Incredible things.  And in the class, you’ll see how I can prove it, too.

“Oh really?”

You bet.  So let’s cut to the chase.  If you’re ready to register, then click on any of the various payment and package options to the right –> and you will easily lock yourself in to this amazing course at an incredible price.  (You’ll see why it is so often referred to as “The best bang for the buck”–the bang is tremendous, and the buck is ridiculously low.

Of course if you want to learn more about all the details, then just continue scrolling and you can always find the prices to the right –>.


First, let’s be clear about who gets to be a part of this course.

My only requirement is that you need to be a certified coach or have at least 100 hours of basic coach training and experience.  That’s it.

“Why is that?”

Simply put.  this is NOT a “Here’s how you can Coach” type of class.  This is NOT for beginners. 
This is highly advanced, Master Level, deep and powerful stuff.  I’m not teaching you the basics–you need to know the basics already.  

But from there, we get to go amazing places.

“All right then.  I’m almost ready to sign up, but I want to be clear about what I get.  Give it all to me in a clear list.”

You asked for it, you got it.  When you register for the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching, you will get…

  • 30 live calls, each 2 hours long for a total of 3600 minutes (or 60 hours) of Amazing Advanced Coaching work. (valued easily over $10,000)
  • All worksheets and checklists to keep you focused and to remind you of your weekly lessons (Included)
  • Recordings of all the class calls to listen to whenever you want. (It’s like you’re own personal home study course)


  • 66 CCEUs (up to 60 in the category of “Core Competency” and an additional 6 “Resource Development/Self Study”– more than you need fulfillment for any credential renewal)
    (HINT: The class is broken into three modules.  So you could easily apply Modules 1 and/or 2 for your renewal, as needed, and then use modules 2 or 3 for your next time around.  Thus even more benefit and value.)
    IMPORTANT: The ICF requires that you can only receive “Core Competency” credits for classes that are attended live. All those that are missed and made up by recordings will be placed in the “Self-study/Resource Learning” category.
  • 7 of the 10 Mentor coaching hours required for ICF credential renewal if you should need them . (ICF says you can claim 7 of your required hours in group format, and since we are specifically targeting and growing your coaching skills, presence and foundation, plus everything else there is to being a confident, powerful and successful coach, this counts.)
    *(You cannot use the same hours of class for CCEUs and Mentor hours, which means your Core Competency hours will decrease depending on how many Mentor hours you require.)


  • SPECIAL GIFT: Upon registration, you’ll also receive a worksheet to help you begin uncovering your own special “Incredi-Coach” and start creating a powerful shift in your coaching even before you begin the class.
  • EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: Access to the “MasterFull Coaching Mini” Series recordings. Quick 5-10 minute recordings to help you move faster and further along the path towards your coaching mastery that you can listen to at any time.
  • CRAZY RIDICULOUS WONDER BONUS: After our first call, and you’ve learned about the Master Aspects of the Coaching B.R.A.C.E. I’ll send you access to five beautiful and exciting hour long recordings that each will deepen your discovery of these qualities. These calls are Mini Master classes unto themselves and will catapult your coaching and powerfully impact your clients (and give you an even more fantasti-foundation for your coaching.)
  • MAGIC WONDER “Are you kidding me?” BONUS RECORDING: You’ll also receive upon registration a free 2 hour recording “How to BE When You’re DOing the Fast Pass”.  This is part of the upcoming FPMC audio program and will help you set your focus so that you can get even more benefit, growth, discovery and learning from this course and this information alone could be tremendously transformative to your coaching.

This course leaves nothing unanswered. This course fills in all the gaps. This course completes your training in ways you didn’t even know was possible.
If I gave you all this stuff it would be valued well over $10000 (probably more)

The ACTUAL VALUE you will get is unmeasurable.

And feeling powerful and deeply confident and MasterFull in your coaching: priceless)

“It sure sounds like a great course. And I’m sure it’s a great price, too.  But is it worth it?”

Well, you tell me. What would your coaching be like if you had a deeper confidence in your skill? If you knew that you could handle every single second of your coaching, that you can take on powerfully ANYTHING that your client throws at you, no matter how unexpected.

What it is worth to be able to powerfully coach ANYONE on ANY TOPIC?
What is it worth to you to be able to create an even more powerful impact in your clients lives?
What is it worth to you to be able to spread the word about who you are and what you do quickly?
What is it worth to you to ELIMINATE all coaching anxiety. To BE able to conquer any certification exam with overwhelming success. To never be lost in your coaching again. To approach EVERY SINGLE COACHING SESSION with complete confidence, knowing that you can BE whatever is required of you at any and every moment.
What is it worth to EXCELlerate your process and journey to BE a MasterFull Coach, DO Masterful Coaching, and HAVE that Masterful Impact on your clients?

Would all of that be worth over $10,000?

“Well, dag. When you put it that way, your darn tootin it’s worth it.”

I thought so.
Of course I know that times are tough, and I know that you’re investing your money in so many areas of your coaching–your marketing, your business development. But how much are you devoting to your actual product? Your Coaching?
I believe this is vital material that each and every coach out there MUST KNOW in order to BE SUCCESSFUL, and there is nothing like this out there. No school, no Mentor, no “expert” that will show you how to truly BE a MasterFull Coach the way that this course does.

There is only one Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class that teaches easy to digest, yet powerful advanced coaching techniques and approaches like this.
And I want you to learn this.
I want you to be an even more powerful coach than you already are.
I want you to BE the amazing, wonderful, confident, incredible coach that you truly desire and deserve to be.
And because it’s in a group call, I can slash the price of this package to one-half the value.
Which means if I could offer you everything for a low onetime payment of only $5000, that would be an awesome deal.

“Wow. That’s pretty generous of you.”

Oh, but I’m just getting warmed up. How about this? I really want you to be in this course. I believe it will catapult your coaching and powerfully impact your clients, so I want to make this really easy for you. So I’m going to give you an additional “YOU ARE AN AWESOME, WONDERFUL, EXCITING, SUPER DUPER, RAZZLE DAZZLE COACH” discount. So really, your cost will only be $3000, for all 30 weeks, PLUS all that bonus stuff. AND don’t forget about my Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching GUARANTEE which I’ll mention in a minute.

“That’s fantastic. And thank you for this still even more wonderful offer.”

You’re welcome, but I’m not quite done. How about this?  Since this course is roughly an 8 month experience, let’s crack it into 8 super low monthly payments of only $375!

“WOW. That’s a pretty juicy offer. I really like that option, too. I’m almost afraid to ask, but I’ll bet you can do better than that.”

Are you kidding me? We’re talking $3000 for 60 hours of powerful advanced coach training–techniques that will explode your coaching and impact your clients in amazing ways–66 CCEUs, 7 Mentor coaching hours, bonus recordings and over $10,000 worth of powerful, exciting and unparalled coach growing. That’s less than 1/3 of the overall value.

“That’s super-duper awesome!!! Now you’re talking my language. Hey, you said this course offers 7 of the 10 Mentor coaching hours?  How do I get the other three?”

Easy. We can work one-on-one and use that time to focus on you getting even more out of this course, discover even deeper learning, evaluate your coaching more specifically, and much more.  You can read more about what’s possible on my Mentor Coaching page.  But remember, if you’re in the Fast Pass class, you also get a discount for those sessions.


You bet.  In fact, I can offer you the entire Fast Pass course PLUS 4 one-on-one calls for the low total of only $3450.
*(That’s including a special discounted price of 4 sessions for the price of 3)

“Amazing.  Can I break that into monthly payments too?”

Well, since you asked nicely… yes.  How about as low as eight low payments of only $431?
*(and you can always add it on later.  The Fast Pass mentor discount lasts as long as you’re in the course.)

“All right.  This is an incredible offer. But can you do any better?”

Funny you should ask, because if you’re really ready to give everything to your coaching, I can offer you the ULTIMATE MASTERFULL EXPERIENCE which is the entire FPMC course, PLUS the incredible MasterFull Mentor Coaching Group (16 powerful mentor group sessions fulfilling ALL Mentor Hours AND even MORE CCEUs)

And because you’d be doing a package, I combined them together at the bottom of the Package links to the right –> and included an additional 10% discount for bundling.

This way you get even more for less.

“This is absolutely incredible.  I’m sold.  How do I sign up again?”

Simple, just check out the various payment options in the sidebar (with or without mentor coaching, and either a single or monthly payment options) and you can take care of it through Paypal.com and you’re locked in.

“But what if I don’t have a Paypal account.  Do you take credit cards?”

Actually, when you go to the Paypal link, you’ll see an option that says, “Don’t have a Paypal account?” or “Want to pay with a credit card?” and you can do so easily right there.

“Wow! All right. I’m very interested, but I think my schedule may have some conflicts with the upcoming dates. What should I do?”

No problem. All the calls are archived, so if you need to miss one you’ll be able to listen to the recording and catch up.
However, if there’s really a scheduling problem, don’t worry as there will be another course offered in 2 to 3 months. However, I would suggest that you make your decision now and then you can always request to be in a future class.
This way you won’t put it off and then forget about it and thereby miss this fantastic course (in other words, sabotage yourself and your coaching.)

Secondly, as the course continues to grow, there’s a chance that the price will change. By signing up now you’ll lock yourself in at the current low rate.

And thirdly, I’m sure you know that there’s something magical that can happen to us once we’re committed to something. Time and again I experience coaches who come to our first call already experiencing some exciting changes in their coaching and are feeling stronger and more confident even before we start working.

And fourthly, you’ll get right away my Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching welcome letter which contains some exclusive MasterFull Coaching Mini recordings–designed to start sparking your coaching. And there’s also a really cool and simple and fun exercise that will begin to help you discover that awesome and amazing coach that you truly are.

Finally fifthly, you’ll also receive after the first class, five extra special bonus recordings that will help you dig deeper into those MasterFull Aspects know as the Coaching BRACE. (You’ll know your coaching on a whole new level.)

Again, I really believe in this work, other coaches like yourself have discovered tremendous growth and learning, and I want to offer you any and every opportunity to take advantage of this. So if not now, then when?) Here are your purchasing options one more time to make it really easy.

You can’t find a better deal than this ANYWHERE.

Go ahead, look around. I’ll wait. But be sure to come back to this page and click the above payment links right away to reserve your spot.  Not sure if this is right for you?  You can always contact me at 630-484-2336 or visit my BeDo Scheduler  and sign up for a complementary consultation as soon as you get home to see if this is what you’re looking for.  But you don’t want to wait.

P.S. You’ve gone through this whole page and now you’re reading this. So I’m guessing that you’re really interested in this fantastic opportunity to grow your coaching and yet you still haven’t quite made up your mind. Or perhaps you have made a decision and still need to get comfortable.
But I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been right where you are now plenty of times. So I want to let you know this one thing. While I am committed to helping coaches just like you grow powerful and confident, I’m not attached to you signing up. If money is tight or if this just doesn’t feel like the right thing, then that’s completely fine and my wish for you is that you make that clear decision to not do this course and don’t even read the rest of this page. It’s not for you at this time. (Perhaps later.)

And if you’re a YES, then make it a confident YES. Take this course head on. Challenge me to give you above and beyond what you expect. Step out and claim a $10,000 value course, or even higher.
Either way, I want to challenge you to MAKE A DECISION about it before you leave this page. Either YES or NO. “I need to think about it can’t be an option. All that usually means is “I’m a NO but I’m afraid to say NO.” Even if you don’t take the course, I want for you to make a clear and empowered choice about this course. That alone will help you wonderfully as you continue to develop yourself as a coach. (How many of your clients want to say NO in their life and are afraid to?) Or we can look at it this way. By you consciously and powerfully choosing YES or NO, you are taking responsibility for your own coaching success.

P.P.S. Still not quite sure? I really want you to be beyond 100% certain that this is the right program for you, so if you still have questions, please email me with whatever question or concern you may have about how this program will help you BEcome a more confident and powerful MasterFull coach. Enter your question below and I’ll personally reply.

P.P.S.S. (what the heck do all these letters mean anyway?) And if you really want to do this, and you really aren’t sure, and you really have some unanswered questions–even after all this–then let’s set up a complementary phone call so I can more directly respond to your questions and help you along in this decision. I won’t pressure you to sign up. As I said, I’m committed to helping coaches grow powerfully and confidently, and I want you to choose this for yourself.

All right. now that you’ve gone through this whole page (I know you were just curious about what was down here at the bottom) it’s time to now go to the links over to the RIGHT –> and back up a bit ^ and lock yourself into this course! 
I look forward to officially welcoming you, sending your introductory packet, and scheduling your complementary calls.
Until then, I wish you to continue BEing a Magnificent, Amazing, Splendiferous, Terrific, Exceptional, Remarkable Coach!

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