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The Ultimate ATEBAR Experience

You asked for it (or at least, I hope you asked for it), and now you got it.

A brand new workshop focusing on ADVANCED SKILLS and ADVANCED COACHING TECHNIQUES.  Just perfect for ADVANCED COACHES like you.

“The Ultimate ATEBAR Experience

Yes, you already learned what the ATEBAR is all about from the Fast Pass class (do you still remember?)

But as I continue to work with and explore this formula and foundation, I’ve discovered so much more powerful applications and directions to take in this work.  It’s more than just a concept and a funny word, it’s the key that unlocks so many amazing doors for MasterFull Coaching, going way beyond what we explored in class.

  • DOing the ATEBAR shift with your clients
  • Taking your client through the ATEBAR- backwards and forwards
  • How the ATEBAR explodes you!
  • The Ins and Outs of ATEBAR – getting the full experience of deep Awareness
  • Full permission to ask dumb questions
  • How to create POWERFUL Questions every time?
  • How to use the Core Competencies MasterFully with the ATEBAR
  • Using the ATEBAR formula to transform fears
  • Applying ATEBAR to Assessments
  • AND MORE!!!

And you have two opportunities to explore, discover, learn and grow with this tool and foundational principle of MasterFull coaching.

    Come and join in the open (and free) ATEBAR conversations every week for the next six weeks.

Similar to the Coaching Skills Forum structure and format, everyone on these calls will explore the exciting world of each of the steps in the ATEBAR Formula for MasterFull coaching.  We begin Wednesday, March 11 at 10:00 am Central / 11:00 Eastern and will fill the entire hour with deep and provocative conversation that will deepen and explode your coaching in unexpected and powerful ways.

All dates for the calls are Wednesdays at 10:00 am CENTRAL:

March 11 – Results

March 18 – Action

March 25 – Beliefs

April 1 – Emotions

April 8 – Thoughts

April 15 – Awareness

You don’t have to come to all of them, just show up to as many as you can.  Simply call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336# and be ready to play as we explore each component of the ATEBAR formula on its own call.

(If you can’t attend any of them, these recordings will be made available as part of “The Ultimate ATEBAR Experience” as explained in option B right below.)


  1. The Ultimate ATEBAR Experience
    Set your calendar for Wednesdays, April 22 to May 27 from 10:00 am to 11:00 Central (11-12 Eastern), because that’s when you’ll be able to jump in the brand new Ultimate ATEBAR Coaching Experience. A special unprecedented 6-session workshop that focuses on deep application and advanced work with this simple-to-use, yet incredibly versatile and supremely powerful platform.


There is a charge for this course, but because this is a beta/maiden voyage, I’m offering a special discount if you register now.  Normally the price would be $297, but I want you in this course, so I am offering you the special “I am an awesome coach” discount of $223.


Sign up now and mark your calendar down for all 12 dates (from March 11 – May 27 for the 6 live open conversation calls and the 6 class calls) so you won’t miss a single exciting Ultimate coach-growing ATEBAR experience.


*CCEUs pending, but once approved it will total 12 CCEUs.  The breakdown depends on if you attend all or some of the calls–including the 6 Open Conversation calls—either live  (CORE COMP) or listening to the recording (RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT).


** In the future, this course will only be offered with the 6 classes and 6 recordings to listen to for additional RD credits.  So this is your chance to load up on Core Comp CCEUs!


What are you waiting for?
It’s time to jump into the ATEBAR Formula.