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I am so honored to share this with you all.

Last week, I had the tremendous honor and privilege of presenting a fun and powerful 6-hour Advanced Coaching workshop to the ICF-Gulf Coast chapter.

Here was their response.

“Ben truly exceeded our expectations!

As the Program Chair for the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter, we asked Ben to facilitate our six hour annual workshop on the core competencies of coaching. His customized framework, a masterpiece called The Elements of our Coaching, easily allowed all the attendees to learn how to use the ICF core competencies in a practice way. Many attendees commented they were no longer intimidated by the competencies, they now knew their coaching strengths, and how to build “coaching muscle” in areas they felt less confident using before attending the workshop. Ben’s 16 elements model really allowed each of us to learn more deeply and connect with our natural strengths.

Ben is “edutainment” at its best. He is knowledgeable as an educator and captivating as an entertainer. You will love his content and his delivery! Many thumbs up for the inspiring work Ben did for our Chapter.”

– Craig S. Juengling, PCC
ICF Gulf Coast Chapter Program Chair

Thank you, Craig and the Gulf Coast chapter.

You are all amazing and remarkable coaches in an equally amazing and remarkable chapter.

(And if you want to know more about this awesome workshop, you can check it out at the ICF-Midwest coaching conference in June.

Visit www.icf-midwest.com for all the info.)