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I just received this email from a coach I’m working with.

“I mentioned [to two colleagues about] the work we are doing and the new perspectives I’m gaining. I feel so refreshed and reawakened, closer to the model than ever. They noted a new confidence and naturalness in my coaching and my feedback, which I can only hope I continue to harness and hold in my heart!” – Kimberly Murphy…

Of course, this fills my heart with joy.  For a few reasons.

A) This coach came to me for help in growing her coaching (I’m not breaking confidentiality, cause that’s why pretty much all coaches come to me) and I am fulling that hope and request.

B) I just love seeing coaches discover their confidence and power.

C) It reminds me of just how important this work is.

So instead of making this a call to action and request that you contact me, I’m going to request that you take a moment and send someone some words of “thank you” and appreciation.  Let them know that their time with you had an impact.  Share with them some positive experience as a result of their work.  Let them know that what they do is important.