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“Ben is a superb coach and facilitator. He injects each FPMC class with humor, fun and great coaching tips and tricks that have increased my confidence as a coach 10-fold. I no longer worry about the results my clients are getting as I now know I’m bringing them great value. Ben’s class has instilled this into me. The 19 weeks have flown by. He provides extra value with practical handouts and recordings of the calls. I highly recommend the FPMC class!” – Mary Kruger

You are so welcome, Mary.

And thank you as well.

So now that you’ve read this.  Has it got you thinking?
Are you curious about what might be possible for you?
What would the testimonial that you’ll be writing at the end of your time in the Fast Pass?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.  And that’s to check out the webpage, www.mastermycoaching.com  and then register to lock yourself in at the low price before it goes up (and it will).

You just have to show up.

The Fast Pass will take care of the rest.