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I am so proud to get comments like these from the coaches in my class. I am proud of this course. And I am proud of the coaches who have taken what I’ve given and put it into their coaching so beautifully.
“I have taken the ‘Fast Pass to Master Coaching’ from Ben more than once.

Each time I have learned and deepened my understanding of coaching, and I have been impressed by how masterfully Ben builds coaching competence for each group of participants in ways that are generous, generative and that foster rich understanding.

Ben communicates powerful ideas about coaching and engages each participant in ways that create deep understanding for the particular individual, and for the group. There is no carbon copy learning here! The curriculum that Ben has developed, and the way that he teaches it, is an incredible example of building knowledge and enhancing creativity in conversation, and meaningful dialogue that is founded on solid twenty first century learning principles for each coach participant.

Ben is a gifted teacher and coach who offers consummate expertise and value in each of his courses!”
– Michelle Bastock
PhD – Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Thank you, Michelle.