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When I lead the FPMC coaches through this simple, yet effective exercise, there’s always that little voice in the back of my head that says, “You’re crazy.  This isn’t as powerful as you say it is.  Besides, everyone does something like this.  The “adjustments” that you bring to it can’t possibly make a difference and grow coaches.”

And then I get an email like this:

Hi Ben. I wanted to thank you for the MasterFull Coaching Course.  I already feel so much more powerful and masterful with my coaching.  The Sprint Coaching you had us do has been the most life changing for me for several reasons. 

1)  This is now my offer.  A free, short, no obligation, coaching call.  So my marketing has vastly improved.

2)  I have so many people who now take me up on the 15 minute coaching that my business is thriving successfully toward my end goal this year of 20-25 clients a month.

3)  I played around with the use of 15 minutes elsewhere and am working toward another idea to use this. 

4)  My coaching skills really became much more powerful and amazing when I knew/know I can handle anything thrown at me as a coach.

I highly recommend this course to all coaches who don’t want to wait to become more masterful in their coaching.  Of course, the CCEU’s are awesome benefit toward my next credential.


Terri O’Donnell, ACC, CPCC

Yellow Brick Road Coaching

You’re so welcome, Terri.  And thank you for taking what I have to share and working it into your coaching so beautifully.  As I said in class, “The world can’t wait for us to figure it out.  We need to step into our Coaching Mastery NOW.”  So on behalf of your clients (present and to come) I thank you for stepping FULLY into your own power.

And now to all you coaches reading this.  It’s your turn.  Are you tired of waiting?  Aren’t you ready to step into your MasterFull Coaching?

It’s not too late to join in this new 9:00 am Central series that began last Wednesday.  Simply email me at ben@bedo.org and I’ll send you a recording of the first call so you can catch up.

I’ll see you there.

Your coaching will never be the same!