Hey you.  Yeah, you.  The cool person reading this.  So you’re a coach, huh?

“Um…, yeah..”

Let me guess.  You’ve got some great training, some coaching experience logged, and you’re wondering what’s next.

“Uh-huh.  That’s right.”

And the more you coach, the more you learn and grow and become stronger.  But then again, you don’t know what you don’t know.  And you feel like there‘s got to be something more out there to help you go deeper and faster.

“Something like that.”

And while there are plenty of resources new coaches can turn to, there seems to be very little that targets the Artistry and Performance of our coaching, exploring Advanced and MasterFull skills, principles and development

Yeah.  How did you know?”

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, from beginner to seasoned, ACC to MCC, students and trainers alike, and tons of “movers and shakers” in the industry. I’ve explored and absorbed an abundance of resources and training.  Along the way, I’ve discovered some amazing and powerful insights that go way beyond how to DO Master Coaching and discovered how to truly BE a MasterFull Coach, which became my exciting Advanced class, “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching.” teaching coaches just like you how to tap into their Full Coaching power.  And when that happens, the DOing part is easy.  In other words, if you BE a MasterFull Coach, then you can DO MasterFull Coaching.  Make sense?

“It sure does.  So what’s this book all about?”

Well, I’ll tell you.  This book contains all the insights, lessons, ideas, directions, exercises, discoveries, that just didn’t fit in the class.  But don’t you worry, the progression of this book follows the same progression as the FPMC class.  Which means that you’re basically getting the same structure and direction. It’s a fantastic primer and supplement to the course and an amazing stand-alone experience? Don’t believe me?  Do a new lesson every 5 days (including the assignments)…

“Yeah?  Then what.”

After 100 Days, you’ll be that much closer to truly BEing a MasterFull Coach.

This book contains a collection of 20+ powerful lessons designed to help you discover new levels and layers in your coaching.  Provocative principles, innovative insights, shake-em-up structures, and game-changing guidance geared towards unlocking the MasterFull that lies within, you just need to learn how to connect to it more powerfully.  And it’s all in an easy to use, do-it-yourself, home-study workbook format so you can mark up the pages as much as you like.  The more you put into this book, the more you will definitely take out of it.


You’ve Got to Get Back to Go Forward – Focuses on the power of Recovery (a sacred and solid principle of MasterFull Coaching)


Actions Speak Louder Than Words – And they also create Results


Curiosity Killed the Cat, But What Killed Curiosity? – Before you assume you know, you might want to read this lesson


You’re Only Human – You Can’t Fix It, No Matter How Hard You Try – But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, so stop trying.


Creating Confidence – The Secret Formula – Well, it’s not so much of a secret after you go through this lesson.


What’s it REALLY all about? – Hm.  I don’t know.  But I’m sure ready to find out.  Are you?


Working With Your Top and Bottom. – Before you tackle everything in-between.


Creating Your Coaching Connection – It’s simple: without connection coaching does not exist.

And of course there’s more!  Puh-lenty! 20+ Chapters in all (go ahead and take a peek), each one waiting for you to Enjoy, Learn and Grow your coaching.

No matter how long or how short, you’ve been coaching, there is something here for you to discover.

Beginner coaches will explode their training

Intermediate coaches will deepen their path and process.

Experienced coaches will learn many new things as well.

Your clients will notice, too.

What’s that? You’re still reading this? Are you kidding me? What are you waiting for? Get this book now, take it home, learn from it, follow this system and be sure to DO the work on these pages, and get yourself moving now down the path towards your coaching confidence and success… in other words, your MasterFull Coaching! 

If you’re wanting to jump right in and start working right away, then perhaps you’ll prefer to get this easy download ebook.  Of course, you’ll have to print out the pages yourself (recommended) but then there’s no wait. 

Or let’s say you’d prefer a hard copy, but you don’t want to print it all out. That’s cool. Then just follow this link to Amazon.com and make your purchase that way. In just a few short days, you’ll have a copy of your very own in your hands.

But suppose on the other hand, you know that you’re the kind who will get the book and then put it up on the shelf. You need some structure and support to keep you focused and moving. in that case, you might want to get the “100-day eChallenge” which is the exact same material, but in a format of a new lesson every 5 days, right in your email.

And it’s guaranteed, too. So you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don’t discover a profound change in your coaching then contact me for a complementary call.I’ll see you on the pages inside.