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The FPMC Free Preview Recordings

You want it?  You got it!

Various recordings that will not only inform and entice you to join the full Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching experience, but you’ll discover powerful insights and acquire powerful tools along the way.

FPMC Master Coach Minis

#1 What is MasterFull coaching?

#2 Your Coaching Confidence

#3 Proof of your Confidence

#4 The Two Stages of Learning – Information

#5 The Two Stages of Learning – Experience

The Coaching B.R.A.C.E.

These are the five powerful principles of MasterFull coaching.  If you have these in your soft focus throughout everything you do in your coaching, then you’ll already be shifting into that higher and deeper level of your coaching.

Of course, there’s so much more to it, and that’s what the Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching class helps you discover.  But here is a little tasty-taste of what I’m talking about.  Even as you hear these little snippets of a much BIGGER conversation, exploration and experience, notice how just having this Awareness will help you discover your Balance in your coaching.  You’ll be able to Recover your focus, lock in a stronger Commitment to your clients and engage them with a powerful Energy.

So listen on, enjoy, learn and grow.






And of course, now that you’ve listened to all this stuff, I’m sure you’ll want more.

And that’s where you have one of two powerful and amazing options.

A) If you have more questions, you can easily contact me at ben@bedo.org, or

B) Visit the main page for the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching to read more about this amazing and unparalleled course for Advanced Coaching.

(All right, there’s a third option, too.  If you know you want to jump into the next round of the FPMC, then go straight to one of the links on your right and lock yourself in.  Once that happens, you’ll get a whole bunch of additional bonus things to get you going right away.

The Coaching Wheel

The Five words that will EXPLODE your coaching

The full 100-minute recording of “How to BE when you’re DOing this program”

And that’s just the beginning.  What’s here is LITERALLY .1% of what the full FPMC course contains and provides.

Your coaching confidence, power, and success are waiting for you.