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Well, it happened. Friday was the 17th anniversary of my first coaching class.
The first day I started this crazy journey.
The first day my entire career and life changed.
The first day I discovered and gave a voice to my inner coach.
And now…
My inner coach is now driving.
My inner coach is starting to look at colleges.
My inner coach can donate blood.
And if my Inner coach gets arrested, it will still be tried as a juvenile. (Hm. This is taking a dark turn.)
In any event, instead of receiving presents, I thought I would give.
I would like to offer 17 coaches out there 17 minutes of complementary mentor / coaching on any topic, any question you might have about coaching.
There is no catch, no selling, no obligation, just my gift to you. (After all, any day I can help any coach is a great day)
Just use this link to find a time that works best for you and we can talk then.