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I don’t think this has ever happened before.

For those who know, I host two separate series of coach growing calls:

The ICF Core Competency Calls–hosted and partnered with the ICF Chicago chapter, where we focus our conversation on our Core Competencies once a month.  www.icf-chicago.org

And the Coaching Skills Forum–which meets twice a month which I’ve been doing for 10 years now and we focus on more specific areas of our coaching.  www.coachingskillsforum.com

And FOR THE FIRST TIME these two series actually intersected in topic.

Our January 6 Core Comp call focused on ACTIVE LISTENING.

And our January 24 Coaching Skills Forum call was all about LISTENING as well.  But an entire different conversation.

So LISTEN to both of them.  And then visit the respective sites to get any CCEUs you might need (for a small fee)
Listen to more awesome recordings on LISTENING that we’ve done in the past years.
Mark your calendar for the next exciting call so you can join in the fun.

ICF-Core Comp Calls – Wednesday, February 3 at 2:00 Central/ 3:00 Eastern.  Call (218) 862 3486 PIN: 6969#

The Coaching Skills Forum – Tuesday, February 9 at 10:00 am Central/11:00 Eastern.  Call 218-339-8524 PIN: 2336#

Either way, come and join the calls.

Your coaching will never be the same.