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Once I said yes, then the next step was to figure out when would be the best time to have a Coaching Cruise.

Considering the idea came up in the middle of this past winter, I was well immersed in that unpleasant environment.  

I don’t know about you, but we sure had more than our fair share of winter this season.  Relentless record breaking sub-zero temperatures–some of the coldest I’ve ever felt–, ongoing seemingly endless passages of grey skies with no sun to give us a sense of hope.  A continuous onslaught of winds that found every little crack and opening in your clothing and home, and the incessant piles of snow all around.  

And it wasn’t just that, it was the forever combination of all four, day after day after week and after month.  And just when we could get a glimmer of hope–the sun would peek through the dreary clouds, the thermometer would go above freezing, the wind would still–mother nature would swing it back, as if she was offering her handshake only to pull it back with that teasing “Skye!”

I tell you, by the end of this last season we were all worn down.  Our resistance, strength and sense of positivity and hope was strained.  And it’s really hard to be a source for others to lean on when you are beating down and tired and ready to just give it up.

The only thing that kept us going was the promise that we would have a couple days in California in March.

You see, every year we try to get to some warmer climate in the middle of the winter.  As a way to recharge our batteries.  the sunshine, the blue sky, the warm air, all welcoming us and inviting us to relax our tense and tired shivering bodies.

And I know that it wasn’t me.  There were hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of other people feeling the same way… and some of them might even be coaches.

So it made perfect sense that we try to schedule this cruise sometime in the winter.

Well, of course everyone else has the same idea in those December/January months, so the prices were crazy.  not only that, but it would be tough for people to schedule in December.  

So February and March became the options.

And it seemed like 7 days was the perfect amount of time.  (those first three days are necessary just to slow down and get acclimated).

Of course this all seemed like a great idea to me.  but I had to ask myself, “Who in their right mind would be willing to spend about $1000 to get away from the cold, snowing, grey, dreary winter, and go to the Caribbean, bask in the warm healing sun, eat copious amounts of awesome food, spend hours upon hours of fun and activity or just doing a whole lot of nothing AND experience awesome advanced coaching workshops and get CCEUs?”

Hm.  When you put it that way, it seems like a great idea.

So… are you with me?

Shall we plan to take a break next year?