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This is an excerpt from “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” class that I teach.

The first 30 minutes is usually devoted to lookiing back at the last lesson, checking in on the learning, and focusing on any challenges that are popping up (often addressing “real time” issues).  And it’s always exciting for me because invariably the issues tie in with the upcoming lesson, as it was in this case.

Now, normally, you would have to be in the class to experience this and get these lessons, but I got activated in an exciting way the other day in class and I started talking about ALIVENESS and what it means and how important it is in our coaching and… well, things were just coming out.
It was things that I always knew and have said before, but it came out in a new and deep and inspiring way. It was inspiring to me as well as the class (as you’ll hear us express.)
And I hope it is inspiring to you.

Please, do yourself and your coaching and your clients a favor.
It’s only 10 minutes long, but it addresses just how important our coaching is (or can be).

If you’re interested you can learn more about the class at http://www.mastermycoaching.com. Sign up for the full course, don’t sign up. Come to the first call for free or don’t–that’s up to you, and I’m not attached to it.  I just felt it important to share this recording with you.

So please listen to this recording.
It’s my gift to you to help you kick off this new year with your own ALIVENESS.