630-484-2336 ben@bedo.org

I have the wonderful honor of coming to present my workshop “The ELEMENTS of Our Coaching” to your chapter.
This exciting, interactive, cutting edge workshop explores the artistry and performance of MasterFull Coaching that is ideal for ALL coaches.
New Coaches will totally get this solid foundation of our coaching as they are discovering this exciting world and their skills.
Intermediate coaches will thrive on the deepening of their power and expanding of their impact.
Advanced coaches will totally dig this whole new approach to their coaching–reminding them of their vast and rich toolbox.

Tuesday, February 9 at the ICF-Southern Arizona Chapter http://www.icfsaz.com/

And Wednesday February 10 at the ICF-Phoenix chapter. http://www.icfphoenix.com/

Discover how to truly become an ATOMIC coach.
Plus, plenty of giveaways and bonus things to all who attend.

for more on the actual workshop, visit http://bedo.org/workshops/the-elements-of-our-coaching

I’ll see you there.